The Super Bowl Is Set

Both of the games yesterday were complete blowouts. The Atlanta Falcons annihilated the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots reigned supreme again. I had predicted that both of these games were going to be close. I was very wrong. In roughly two weeks these two dominant teams will face each other in the Super Bowl and I can only hope it’ll be a good game.

Who Will Win?

Maybe I’m blinded by their super impressive performance yesterday but I think the Falcons will be the Super Bowl champions. Yes the Patriots are very, very good but I believe the Falcons will win. Their offense is unstoppable. There are so many players they can utilize that defenses have no idea who Matt Ryan is throwing to. And no matter how good the Patriots’ defense might be they won’t be able to stop the Falcons. I am convinced of that. I hope this game won’t be a blowout.

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