When To Expect Doctor Strange on Blu-Ray

On November 4th Doctor Strange graced the big screen with its mind boggling visual effects, fantastic characters, and a funny new superhero who will eventually join the Avengers’ ranks. I only watched Doctor Strange once and I loved it. It was a great movie that I couldn’t wait to own on Blu-Ray. Well if you’re like me and is just as excited to see it at home you’ll be ecstatic to know that it’s coming out on Blu-Ray on February 28th. If you don’t really care about Blu-Ray and you just want to own it digitally it will be available on February 14th. Yes, it will not be long until the red cape wearing sorcerer will be back to bring happiness to a boring day.

Why I love Blu-Ray is I love tangible things. Having a DVD that you can hold and look at is special. I also love the bonus features that come with Blu-Ray. Captain America: Civil War had a terrible set of bonus features with content that was less than an hour long. Star Wars: The Force Awakens had nearly two hours of amazing content worth watching. Doctor Strange is said to have over an hour of bonus material and I am so excited to see it. I hope there is a section on the work they put into the visual effects. That’s what I’m most excited to see. I also would love to see concept art and how they created the dazzling world of the sorcerers.

So yes, it’s less than two weeks until Doctor Strange is available digitally and less than four weeks until it’ll be on Blu-Ray. I’m very excited and I can’t wait.

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