Rey’s New Look Is Finally Here!

Yes! It’s been over fourteen months since The Force Awakens first came out and in those fourteen months I have wondered what Rey would look like in Episode VIII. In The Force Awakens she had the “Three Knobs” which was an awesome original look for a new Star Wars character. In The Last Jedi I had predicted that she would either have her hair tied back into a braid or her hair would be laid down. I figured she would definitely have a look that doesn’t involve a lot of maintenance because Rey isn’t the type of character who’s going to fret about her hair. To see that she actually does have her hair down is awesome. I’m guessing from the way it’s tied she has a ponytail in the back. This is the perfect hairstyle to give her because it really screams “Jedi” while also having a sort of samurai feel. forcefridayii-tall

Besides learning that Episode VIII would be called The Last Jedi this is the most exciting news in regards to Episode VIII. Of course we can’t forget the other two people who are on the box. Poe is just in his flight suit which isn’t anything new. It is nice to see him though. Finn is also about the same except he’s wearing a different shirt. The interesting thing about Finn however is the fact that he is wearing Poe’s jacket. I thought after that slash he took to the back in The Force Awakens the jacket would be ruined. Obviously it wasn’t and I’m glad to see that he’ll still be wearing it because as Poe said, “It suits him.”

Now I can only wonder what the next announcement will be for The Last Jedi? Will it be the teaser or will it be something else even more jaw dropping? Who knows. At least I no longer have to wonder what Rey’s hair will look like anymore.

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