The Top Ten Suits of Marvel’s Superheroes

Every year since 2010 there has been at least one Marvel movie to grace the big screen and with each movie comes new superheroes with fresh, innovative suits that seem to get better than their predecessors. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe a.k.a MCU there are currently over twenty superheroes and each hero has either one suit or multiple versions of their iconic character. I’m going to list my ten favorite suits from the MCU.

10. War Machine


War Machine is pretty cool. I mean, he’s literally a dark grey Iron Man. He’s packed with some seriously deadly weapons like machine guns, fiery rockets, and all sorts of other gadgets. In Civil War his suit was a lot clunkier and not as shiny as his suit in this picture but it was just as striking. He easily has one of the best suits in the MCU.

9. Scarlet Witch


I like Scarlet Witch’s suit mainly because of the jacket. It gives the illusion of her wearing a dress but of course you can’t wear a long flowing gown if you’re a superhero so instead she has the corset-like shirt and the awe-inspiring black pants. It’s pretty remarkable and can only get better throughout the years making her undoubtedly possess my ninth favorite suit.

8. Spider Man


Spider Man has a terrific suit. The best designs of the “Under-roos” is the webbed pattern throughout the tight red and blue outfit and the beautiful black and white eyes. Everything else about the suit is mediocre but those two aspects of the iconic superhero are what make him special. The exciting thing about this new Spider Man is all of the tremendous gadgets Iron Man will be supplying him. We’ve already seen his web wings. What other things could he get? I can’t wait to see.

7. Captain America


I love Captain America’s newest suit. I appreciate the blue they chose for the outfit because it’s the same dark blue of the suit he wore in The Winter Soldier. The red and blue vertical stripes upon his abdomen aren’t too bold like they were in The Avengers which I’m highly thankful for. I am also very glad that the wings on his mask are painted on instead of jutting from the sides of his head like in the comics. All in all his latest suit is a very good one and effortlessly gets into my list.

6. Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange’s blue tunic, pants, and seven belts are fine but not at all special. It’s his breathtaking red cloak that makes him Doctor Strange. There are a couple of other superheroes who have capes in the MCU so far (Thor and Vision) but his cape stands out because of that accentuated collar. It gives Doctor Strange a uniqueness among the long line of superheroes that’s not only quirky but pleasantly surprising. I mean, can you imagine him alongside The Avengers floating in the air ready to display his skills as the new Sorcerer Supreme? That’s going to be an extraordinary moment.

5. Falcon


Falcon is one of my favorite superheroes and after Tony Stark got his hands on Falcon’s incredible suit he became ten times better. My favorite aspect of his suit in Civil War was the gold on his shades. It’s a small detail that I’ve only noticed recently but really makes his suit pop. I can’t wait to see him again in Avengers: Infinity War. Who knows, maybe his suit will be a little different the next time we see him.

4. Iron Man


As you can see from this picture there’s not much to say. Ever since I saw Iron Man for the first time his suit has dazzled me. Over the nine years his suit has gotten even better. The red and gold is such a classic combination and so aesthetically gorgeous that for a long time Iron Man was my favorite superhero (until other cooler superheroes showed up.) Even though new, trendier characters have appeared Iron Man will always have a special place in my heart.



When I first saw Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron I was mind blown. First of all he’s red so that’s definitely different. Then he creates his own outfits. I love his transparent golden cape as well as his bracers and his boots. Those are the best aspects of his suit. Frankly his entire appearance is so unique and astounding there is no surprise I have him in the top five in my list.

2. Black Widow


Black Widow is one of my favorite Marvel superheroes and part of the reason why is her suit. First of all, it’s black and everything (except maybe a hamburger bun) looks better in black. I love that it’s such a sleek suit yet she has all sorts of gadgets all over. She has guns, grenades, electric bracers, these stick things, and basically everything she needs to bring her enemies to a swift demise. Her suit also seems to keep improving with every movie. When we see her again in Avengers: Infinity War who knows what new gadgets she’ll have up her sleeve (literally.)

1. Black Panther


Black Panther undoubtedly has my favorite suit. Why, you might ask? This picture says it all. First of all the fact that they gave him cat ears without making it look corny is impressive. Secondly like I said with Black Widow’s suit, everything is better in black. Third his suit is very sleek yet it doesn’t feel too tight. Fourth the silver on his mask, his arms, and the top of his chest is ridiculously beautiful and helps give insight into the Wakandans and their style. And last but not least his suit is literally made out of vibranium. He’s basically Iron Man! That is the icing on the cake. I am ecstatic to see him in his own movie next February. He’s already amazing. Think about what other incredible things will be shown in his world of Wakanda. I am so excited!

There are twelve other superheroes that didn’t make the cut that have interesting outfits in their own way. These just happen to be my favorite. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you’ve enjoyed.


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