The 34th Season of Survivor Is Back With A Bang

I am a huge fan of Survivor. The first season that I ever watched was Season 19 and that was the first season with the legendary trickster Russel Hantz on it. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on this incredible reality show. In fact I have watched every season and the extraordinary thing is the show is still getting better. Now Season 33 of Survivor was Millenials vs. Gen X and it was very, very underwhelming. Nearly all of the women were voted off before the Jury which was very ridiculous and no one, besides Mickayla, was very exciting to me on that season.

Now this season is Survivor: Game Changers and I have been waiting for this first episode since halfway through Millenials vs. Gen X. Well the time is here and I’m going to write my summary of the epic first episode of this fantastic season.

The First Hour


When this season started I was beyond excited. This season has so many legendary players there is no doubt this season will be one to place in the history books for Survivor. The way the teams were created is already exciting. I mean Sandra and Tony on the same team, that’s mind boggling. We know how that went down but I’ll talk about that later.

So at the very beginning there was a giant tool kit that either of the teams could get if they managed to untie their team’s rope connected to the tool kit first. The tool kit was in the ocean and of course who immediately went after it, the swimming goliath Ozzy. Even after ten years he still is the master of the ocean. It’s so amazing watching him swim still to this day. There is no one on either tribe that can compete with him in that category on Survivor.

Once he easily got the tool kit for his team the game of Survivor started. I was so nervous throughout that entire first half. The way the producers made it look I really thought that the wonderful, legendary Cirie would be the first one to go home. Ozzy still has a chip on his shoulder for what she did to him in Season 16 and everyone knows she’s an incredible strategic player. Thankfully her team, Nuku, won the first challenge and she was able to survive the first vote.

Now here is the astonishing surprise. Ciera, the player of Survivor who is so ruthless she literally voted off her own mother on the first season she was ever on, was on the chopping block and she didn’t even know it. Because she’s Ciera she just knew she was going to get everyone to vote Mickayla off first. She had no idea the rest of the group were gunning for her because she was playing the game a little too hard too fast. That was lovely.

Mickayla’s reaction to knowing she was also the one on the chopping block was a little too much. The way the producers set it up again I really thought she had messed up and was going to be the first one to be voted off of Survivor: Game Changers which would’ve been upsetting considering she was my favorite player in Millenials vs. Gen X. Thankfully and wonderfully Ciera was the first one to get voted off which was a huge surprise. I would’ve never in a million years have thought she would be the first one to go. That shows how tough these players are this season. If Ciera couldn’t sway anyone then that’s very impressive. I’m pleased to say the first hour of Survivor did not dissapoint in the slightest.

The Second Hour


The second half of this wonderful 500th episode was even more exciting and suspenseful than the first half. Now Tony is one of the most entertaining players to be on Survivor and he truly deserved to be on this season as a Game Changer. He of course is most famous for his tremendous Spy Shack. So what does Tony do in the middle of the night while everyone’s asleep? He leaves camp to go make a new version of his infamous Spy Shack. Ha! Tony is the best! Unfortunately before he can make it who’s coming up the road? The two time winner Sandra and Troyzan (what did Troyzan do that was so game changing, I have no idea.) Tony hides to listen to their hushed conversation and then rolls up on them right in the middle of their chat. I would’ve never thought that moment right there would be the beginning of the end for Tony.

After that Sandra decides she doesn’t like Tony anymore even though she supposedly created an alliance with him and the epic shootout between two of the best players of Survivor commenced. It was astounding to watch. Sandra was scrambling like she always does when she’s trying to get rid of somebody. I could see Tony’s brain working through the TV screen, that’s how much he was calculating his next move to vote off Sandra.

When it got to the brutal immunity challenge I thought it was going to be a blowout at first. And it was. Team Mana (that’s the team with Sandra and Tony) were terrible at the challenge. Until of course Malcolm who’s known for his incredible skill at challenges got into the mix. I watched that challenge with so much anxiety. When Malcolm literally tied JT (another former winner of Survivor) with the paddles I couldn’t believe it. Team Nuku eventually ended up winning and that meant the grand showdown between Sandra and Tony was actually going to take place.

That tribal council was phenomenal. I really, really thought that after Tony started to work his magic on some of the other people in the tribe Sandra would be going home. I should’ve never bet against the queen of Survivor. How Tony got kicked off was so astonishing. Even though it seemed like Caleb and Malcolm were on his side they even voted for him. Now of course because Sandra made such a big move so early in the game she has a huge target on her back but her getting the legendary Tony to be voted off is beyond impressive.

After this exceptional two-hour premiere this is who I think will make it to the final three. I can’t predict who’ll win but I can predict the people I think have a chance to make it to that final tribal council. I definitely do not think any of the stronger, more known players will make it. They’ve got too much of a target on their backs. People like Ozzy, Malcolm, Mickayla, or Caleb will be around for a little while but as soon as it starts getting towards the jury they’ll definitely be on the chopping block. I think the quieter, weaker players are the ones to watch out for. No one’s looking at them and that’s what makes them so dangerous.

I think the final three people will be Andrea, Aubrey, and maybe Hali. I might be very wrong about my predictions and then again I might be very correct. I can’t wait to find out.

So that’s my summary of the first episode of Survivor: Game Changers. Come back every week to see what I have to say about each episode throughout this excellent season. And if you’re interested in the ACC Tournament I will be posting about all of the games playing today. You won’t want to miss it.

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