My Ten Favorite Moments In Star Wars


Star Wars is one of the greatest movies in film history and what makes this sci-fi flicks so beloved are the iconic moments in these movies. I have watched every single Star Wars film many, many times and each movie, even the prequels, have some scenes that are simply fun to watch. There are of course instants that are better than others and this is where my post begins.

10. When Rey Force Pulls Luke’s Lightsaber (The Force Awakens)


This is definitely one of my favorite moments out of all the Star Wars movies. Rey, throughout the movie, was already an incredible heroine. She was tough, resourceful, didn’t need anyone to save her, and she was starting to realize she had the force. I remember when I watched The Force Awakens for the first time I didn’t truly realize she was a Jedi until she pulled Luke’s lightsaber towards her instead of Kylo Ren. That moment was and still is, so powerful. It’s a fantastic part because she’s just as dumbfounded as Kylo Ren when she’s holding that lightsaber. I love the petrified look on her face because she remembers what happened the last time she held that weapon. When she turns it on though she’s ready to fight and it’s such a goosebump-inducing moment. This was definitely one of my favorite moments.

9. Obi-Wan Interrogates Jango Fett (The Attack of the Clones)


There’s not a lot of moments I love in the prequels, especially The Attack of the Clones. I will say the part where Obi-Wan goes to ask Jango Fett a few questions is thrilling. It’s like a duel with words. Obi-Wan knows for a fact that he’s found the bounty hunter who was sent to assassinate Padme but he can’t just pull out his lightsaber and start fighting him. So instead he asks the bounty hunter questions while Jango Fett artfully avoids answering anything with a straight answer. By the end they both let down their boxing gloves and go to mutual corners and I’m always beaming with joy afterwards. Their confrontations are some of the best out of all of the Star Wars movies, from their mental spar in Jango’s room to their physical fight upon Kamino to their epic space fight in the asteroid ring around Geonosis. This was definitely going to be in my list.

8. Kylo Ren’s Unveiling (The Force Awakens)

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One of the most shocking moments, I would say out of any film, was when Kylo Ren took off his mask for the first time. Of course earlier in the film I found out he was Han’s son and yeah I’d seen Adam Driver during The Force Awakens premiere on the red carpet but the mask he wore throughout the movie up until that point was so menacing I didn’t know what was underneath that helmet. I just knew, as he was taking off his helmet, that he was going to be hideous and evil looking and scary. I mean think about it. When Luke took off Darth Vader’s helmet at the end of Return of the Jedi we all know what Anakin looked like, a nightmare. So what was I supposed to expect? I definitely wasn’t expecting him to look like that. It was a stunning moment. It wasn’t someone who looked like Palpatine under that mask. Instead it was a man with the best looking hair I have ever seen on anyone in Hollywood these days. He looked like a human being and that gave Kylo Ren so much more depth in the movie. Now he has a huge scar on his face and I can’t wait to see what he’ll look like in The Last Jedi.

7. Poe’s Annihilation of Ten Opponents in Fifteen Seconds (The Force Awakens)


Poe is one of the best pilots in the galaxy and for good reason. My favorite scene with him is when he’s flying over the ruins of Maz Kanada’s castle and he’s just taking out tie fighter after tie fighter. Then he shoots those three stormtroopers standing on the ground, back flips, shoots more tie fighters, and then zooms overhead where Finn is cheering. That’s such an incredibly impressive moment that when Poe whoops with exhilaration I can’t help but cheer too. It’s definitely one of my favorite moments in Star Wars.

6. A Fateful Talk Between Palpatine and Anakin (Revenge of the Sith)


Like I said earlier, there aren’t a lot of moments where I enjoy a scene from the prequels. There’s a scene between Palpatine and Anakin that I have to admit is one of my favorite in Star Wars. It’s when Palpatine has summoned Anakin to join him at some sort of what I would call a “Circus Du Soleil” show Star Wars style. His disturbing conversation about Darth Plagueis and his ability to save people from death is chilling because he knows Anakin wants to avoid people from dying after his mother’s tramautic demise. It’s the ultimate bait and the true beginning of the end for Anakin as a Jedi. When Anakin asks at the end of the scene, “Is there any way possible to learn this power?” and Palpatine answers, “Not from a Jedi” I’m always like wow, Palpatine you are super crafty. It’s a chilling scene that really defines Anakin’s path to the dark side and that’s why it’s one of my favorite.

5. The Destruction of Jedha (Rogue One)


This was my favorite scene in Rogue One. To see Jedha get annihilated by the Death Star the way that it did was horrifyingly glorious. It was incredible seeing those huge chunks of rock and it was something to witness how powerful the Death Star is first hand. Now I truly understand why the Rebel Alliance were working so desperately to try to blow up the Empire’s deadly weapon because if they hadn’t the galaxy would’ve never rid themselves of the tyrannical reign of the Emperor. There was no way this scene wasn’t getting onto my list.

4. Han’s Unfortunate Demise (The Force Awakens)

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This scene conflicts me every time I watch it because not only is it one of my favorite scenes in Star Wars but it’s one of my least favorite too. Here are the pros and the cons of this tear inducing moment in Star Wars. The reason why this is such a good moment is because of its impact to not only the rest of the movie but probably even The Last Jedi. First of all it was the turning point The Force Awakens needed to turn it from being a good movie to a great movie. Secondly it completed Kylo Ren’s path to the dark side which we’ll surely understand further in The Last Jedi. And it’s a really intense, quiet moment that always draws my attention, no matter how saddening it still is to watch. Now the bad thing about this scene is simply the fact that Han Solo dies! I still can’t believe they killed him off like that. A lightsaber through the stomach, really? And then he had to fall off the bridge didn’t he? Ugh. So yeah, this scene’s on my list.

3. Darth Vader Finally Goes Off (Rogue One)


I love Darth Vader. He’s undoubtedly one of the coolest, if not the coolest, villains in film history. All those times I watched Episodes IV-VI I didn’t realize there was one thing he never did that would’ve been so amazing to see, and that is for him to go plum off on a group of non-Force wielding enemies like he did in Rogue One. I really didn’t think he would have such an incredible scene like he did in Rogue One. Near the end of that movie I thought that his special scene in the movie was going to be his conversation with Krennic which would’ve been cool but nothing to jump up and down about. I’m so glad I was wrong. His final scene is such a jaw dropping, eye widening, grin inducing moment in Star Wars that it will take a lot for any villain in Star Wars to be able to beat that. Now all we need is a Darth Vader anthology film (please.)

2. “No, I Am Your Father” (The Empire Strikes Back)

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Yes, two Darth Vader scenes back to back but hey, it’s Darth Vader, the coolest baddie in the galaxy. This is one of the most iconic moments in film history and it was almost my number one favorite scene but I happen to be of the generation who grew up on “Anny” instead of the frightening Darth Vader so when he told Luke he was his father there was no surprise. Now it still is one of the best moments in Star Wars and it still has that grand feeling that bombshells are supposed to have in movies but I can’t rank it as number one compared to this next scene because I simply wasn’t surprised. I still love it though.

1. When Rey Finds Luke (The Force Awakens)


The Force Awakens was already a great movie but the end is truly the icing on the cake. I still get chills as I watch Rey walking up all of those steps with that incredible music in the background which only gets louder and louder. When she finally sees Luke and the viewer finally sees Luke it’s a magical moment. And then when he turns around and you can see his face it’s like, “Wow, it’s Luke!” This scene is so good it’s better than the entire movie and that’s saying something. If The Last Jedi can keep riding on this momentum The Force Awakens left off with it’s going to be an amazing movie.

So these are my ten favorite moments in Star Wars. Thank you for reading my post on this beautiful Wednesday and for all of you Star Wars fans, May the force be with you.




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