The Second Episode of Survivor Did Not Dissapoint

Last night Survivor aired and even though it was only a one hour episode it was packed with all sorts of plotlines and a first time moment in Survivor history. So on that note let me write my summary of this “Game Changing” episode.

The Tribe Swaps


It was exciting to see the episode start immediately with the tribes having to swap. They split into three tribes of six and the most shocking change-up was the fact that Caleb and Tai ended up on the same tribe, Mana. It was a fateful occurrence that I knew couldn’t be a coincidence because nothing happens in Survivor by coincidence. Unfortunately for Caleb we know how this ended up but I’ll get to later in the post.

Ozzy and Cirie were placed on the new tribe, Tauvau which is another team-up I’ll be watching carefully. After last week’s two-hour episode it seemed like Ozzy was still sore at Cirie for her helping to vote him off in Season 16. Will them being on the same team be a detriment to each other or will they put their differences aside and become a force to reckoned with? I can’t wait to see.

The dominant tribe, Nuku, has three people from the old Mana tribe, Sandra, Malcolm, and Mickayla. It’ll be interesting to see if they’ll stay together or if they’ll start going after Sandra because she is a legitimate threat that, if not voted off early, will definitely have the chance to get to the final tribal council.

The swaps are thrilling to witness and I can’t wait to see throughout the weeks how it plays out.

JT and Malcolm Catch Some Goats

This was an interesting sequence in the second episode of Survivor. Now, on old seasons people have tried to catch an animal that’ll provide much more food than the occasional fish they get but they usually can’t. Well, for the first time in Survivor history JT and Malcolm actually managed to catch two goats but one was a baby and one was the baby’s mother. It was an intense moment because Sandra really wanted to eat those goats no matter the fact that it was a family. They kept going back and forth on whether they would eat the goats or not and I was watching it with so much anxiety. I was so relieved when they let the goats go. When they showed the baby goat walking off calling for its mother it slightly made me tear up, that’s how sweet it was.

Troyzan Finds An Idol

This was an entertaining portion of the episode. The survivors on the new tribe Tauvau had to start creating a camp. Troyzan was clearly on the bottom and so what did he do? He went and found the idol. It, however, was only a clue and the only way he could obtain it was by getting it during the immunity challenge. I watched that entire challenge with an excited smile upon my face. It was interesting to see Nuku win again even with different people on the tribe but when the new tribe was doing the puzzle at the end I was watching Troyzan the entire time. What was he going to do? Was he going to be able to get that idol? When they barely beat the still losing Mana tribe and he went over to the side of the table where the idol I was so anxious. He got the idol though and now that’s an interesting development in the season because let’s say they lose next week and have to vote somebody off. Everyone’s going to be going after Troyzan not knowing that he has an idol. I suspect next week there’s going to be a lot of exciting, jaw dropping moments with big consequences for the rest of the season.

Caleb’s Fate Is Sealed Again

I feel really sorry for Caleb but before I get to that let me talk about his road to being the third person kicked off of Survivor: Game Changers. So when Mana’s tribe was swapped and there were three people from Season 32 on it, Caleb, Tai, and Debbie it undoubtedly showed that they could become a powerful threesome. Culpepper was not going to have that happen. Hali seemed to clearly be on the outs because she didn’t have any alliances but Culpepper decided that they should get rid of Caleb. When they lost the immunity challenge they had to make a decision. Did they want to keep the team strong and save Caleb or did they want to get rid of that physical threat and keep Hali? Tai was the deciding factor and even though he felt bad about it he slyly gave the order at Tribal Council to vote off his friend. I couldn’t believe it. Caleb was off of Survivor on the ninth day again. This shows that no matter how nice and sweet Tai pretends to be he’s really about as ruthless in this season as someone like Sandra. This season is going to be full of surprises.

Next week there’s going to be a double elimination and I can’t wait to see all of the things that are going to happen. I will of course write about the turn of events that will happen in that episode and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Thank you for reading my post and have a beautiful day.

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