The Game Changing In Survivor Continues

Last week on Survivor the big twist that I’ve been waiting to see is the double elimination. Who would get voted off? Which alliances would crumble and who would be on the hot seat? Well, the conclusion of this groundbreaking episode was something I would’ve never guessed would happen in a million years and so, on that note, let me begin my summary of this week’s episode of Survivor.

The Reward Challenge

I was glad to see the first reward challenge of the season. I love the reward challenges in Survivor and the prize for this episode was well worth it. The first team to win would get coffee and chocolate chip cookies while the second team to finish would get iced coffee. I love iced coffee so that would be perfect to have on the blistering island of Fiji.

It was an exciting challenge to watch. I liked that they raised the stakes of the challenge with only two people on each tribe being able to participate. On the dominant tribe Nuku they chose J.T and Malcolm to partake in the challenge, Tauvau had Ozzy and Troyzan, and Mana had Tai and Brad Culpepper. Of course Ozzy was the first person to get through the front half of the challenge even after he dropped his ball because he’s a beast at challenges. Then it was up to Troyzan to finish the job. J.T, due to Ozzy’s mistake, was close behind and so Malcolm easily overtook him in the second half of the challenge. That wasn’t what was surprising. Culpepper, when it was his time to do the challenge, went through it like a mad man. He was throwing those bags at the sand filled sticks with such determination and focus that it was kind of amazing. Troyzan had only two sticks left but he grew flustered under the pressure and Malcolm ended up coming in first place and Culpepper in second.

Troyzan already has a huge target on his back but after his blunder on the reward challenge the bullseye is even larger. The hilarious but frightening thing about this situation is the fact that he has an idol. If everyone goes after him, which they will when they lose, he’s got a defense mechanism they’ll never see coming. I predict Ozzy taking the punishment for this and getting voted off simply by a tricky move Troyzan will make.

When they went back with Tauvau to their camp and they started to focus on Ozzy I was nervous. This was a double elimination episode. Would Tauvau be one of the tribes that lost and Ozzy be a victim to this new twist in Survivor: Game Changers?

The Historic Tribal Council

So of course there was the immunity challenge. As advertised throughout the week two teams were going to lose and would have to go tribal council to vote some people off. Because the stakes were high the challenge was suspenseful as expected. Even though I like everyone on Nuku I was pulling for Tauvau throughout the entire challenge because I really didn’t want to see Ozzy go home. At first it seemed like Nuku was going to win the challenge with flying colors. They got through the blindfolded section of the challenge far before anyone else did. J.T and Malcolm are good at challenges and their participation on that last part of the challenge was stellar. Ozzy and Sandra managed to close the gap and so it came down to the third and final ball in the maze. When Jeff Garner decided to be the one to finish off the challenge I knew they were going to lose. And they did, just barely, and I was so relieved.

This was of course when the game changing twist happened. Yes both tribes lost but they wouldn’t have to individually vote off a tribe member. Both tribes would have to go to tribal council and vote off only one person. That was a mind-blowing twist that I knew was going to result in an epic, exciting, historic tribal council. And did it ever.

Nuku, with their first loss, had to figure out who they would go after on the Mana tribe. They all decided to go after Sierra because she was the strongest female on Mana and they figured she would not have an immunity idol. J.T and Malcolm, however, had other more devious plans. They wanted to get Sandra off because who doesn’t? She’s a two-time winner. She’s like a disguised assassin who sits in the midst of a crowd waiting for their prey and J.T and Malcolm knew this. They figured Mana would be going after Sandra as well which they were. They were outnumbered six to five and yes they could hope J.T would flip over to their side but how could they be certain he would?

So what did Tai do? He went and found an idol in the nick of time. Now Mana had the advantage going into this tribal council because if they could figure out whom Nuku was going after they could save that person and vote off whoever they wanted.


Well the tribal council was at first like any other tribal council. Then Hali spoke about getting rid of physical threats and it turned into a tornado of whispered discussions, plan changes, secrets revealed, and just a lot of confusion. I didn’t know what was going on. I was just watching in utter bafflement. In Survivor: Game Changers I hoped there would be moments like this that have never happened before. This was definitely one of those moments. There have been whispered discussions during tribal council but never like this. There were people from opposing tribes making plans, the two tribes changing plans of their own, it was bonkers.


When they went to go vote after that frenzy of last-minute conversation I figured, from the way they edited the episode that Sandra was finally going home. There was no way she was going to escape getting voted out again, especially with her overconfident behavior even at the tribal council. When they finished voting Tai wisely gave his idol to Sierra and sure enough everyone on Nuku voted for her. So, it was the moment of truth. Who did Mana vote for? I figured it was Sandra because there was no way they wouldn’t vote for her. She was at her most vulnerable and it was the perfect chance to finally rid the queen of Survivor her throne. When Jeff Probst held up that slip of paper and slowly opened it I wasn’t even anxious. I just knew he was going to say Sandra’s name. Yet he didn’t. He instead said Malcolm’s name and I’m still stunned.


What happened? When, in the midst of all that frenzied whispering, did Mana decide to get rid of Malcolm of all people? It was terrible and yet amazing at the same time. Think of it. There have been four people to get voted off so far and three of the four contestants have been strong males. First it was Tony, then Caleb, and now Malcolm. This is definitely a different season of Survivor. These players don’t care about strength. They’re being a lot more strategic and instead are getting rid of these physical threats long before they can get to the merge. That means people such as Ozzy, Mickayla, Culpepper, and J.T will have to watch their backs because this group of contestants does not care about strong players at all. Ozzy has to worry the most because he’s the strongest male left and obviously that leaves a huge target on his back. When Tauvau sees Nuku at the next challenge they are going to be just as stunned as I was. Poor, poor Malcolm, I really didn’t see him going home any time soon. The hashtag for that tribal council was #Wow and it was the perfect description of that historic moment in Survivor.

This week it looks Debbie is going to be very angry at everybody. What about, I have no idea, but it looks like it’s going to be a mess. I’ll of course share my summary of that episode this Thursday. Thank you for reading my post and have a beautiful Monday!

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