Spider Man Swings Into Action With A New Trailer

Three days ago Warner Bros. released a new trailer for their highly anticipated Justice League movie and it was pretty entertaining. DC Comics is known for their epic superheroes and it looks like Warner Bros. is going to make sure that continues to be the reputation of characters such as Batman or Wonder Woman. Marvel is the rival in this huge superhero genre and so of course they have released a new trailer for one of their most beloved characters debut film, Spider Man. That’ll definitely divert some attention from the incredible looking film DC Comics will be presenting later on this year. Here is the new trailer for Spider Man: Homecoming.

My Summary of this New Trailer:

First off, this trailer was way better than the first one. There was much more action which looks spectacular, there’s more Tony Stark which is always exciting, there’s more humor, and there’s more of the villainous Vulture. So on that note let me talk about these four elements of the trailer.

The Action

Marvel’s movies are known for some of their incredible action sequences. Take Captain America: Civil War for example. Part of the reason why I came away from that movie so pleased was the extraordinary airport battle between the Avengers. There were so many fascinating elements to that one sequence in the film that it alone made Civil War one of the most enjoyable blockbusters I’ve ever watched. I’m happy to say it looks like this Spider Man film will definitely deliver on the action scenes.

First of all those little spider drones Spider Man now has are so cool. I can’t wait to see what they can do. Secondly the main fight between Spider Man and The Vulture is going to be something to witness. That part where it showed the two fighting on a crashing plane looks exciting and there’s no doubt it’s going to be very loud in IMAX. Third, did you notice that in the second half of the trailer it shows Peter Parker fighting Vulture without his special Spider Man suit Tony Stark made him? It looks like after whatever happens with that boat incident Iron Man is going to have to take away his heroic privileges because of those Accords all superheroes are supposed to abide by. That means Peter Parker is going to have a lot more trouble facing Vulture when he’s obviously only able to wear his old suit.

I’m glad to see that this trailer didn’t show all of the plot points of this movie. All I know is a lot of trouble is about to hit New York City.

There’s More Iron Man!

I feel bad saying this because this is a movie that’s supposed to be all about the new Spider Man but my favorite part of this trailer was when it showed Iron man helping to push that boat back together. It was so cool it literally gave me chills. Yes I love Tom Holland’s version of Spider Man. He looks like what you’d imagine Peter Parker looking like, he’s funny, and he’s simply the perfect Spider Man but Iron Man is an amazing character. First of all I’ve been watching Iron Man since 2010 and throughout all of those years he’s always stolen the show. It’s just until recently when there have been stellar new heroes such as Black Panther or Doctor Strange that he’s lessened in the ranks of incredible Marvel characters. When I saw the new clips of Iron Man in this trailer I momentarily forgot about Spider Man. That’s a little worrying. I hope Tony Stark will be more of a secondary character that only shows up here and there because he will definitely slightly steal the spotlight from this new hero that I can’t wait to see a little further. And I’m really hoping that Spider Man will be the one to defeat Vulture because if he’s aided by Iron Man it’ll diminish his ability to be an independent superhero who can save the world just as easily as Captain America.

The Humor In This Spider Man Trailer Is Perfect

I love a trailer that can make me laugh, for the right reasons. I loved the humorous moments such as when it showed Spider Man swinging through a neighborhood and he splashed a whole bunch of people at a pool party. That was a perfect Spider Man move. And secondly I thought it was very amusing seeing his friend try on his mask. Those little clips remind us that this version of Peter Parker is just a teenager with some pretty awesome abilities. I think it’s going to be great having this new dynamic to the line of heroes in these films because everyone else, besides Scarlet Witch, is over the age of 28. That makes Peter extra special once he eventually joins the Avengers in their fight against baddies throughout the galaxy.

The Angry Vulture

Judging from this trailer Vulture is going to become part of that list of lackluster villains. Yes his suit is gorgeously frightening but besides that he seems to be the cliché villain with that repetitive speech most villains have. Everything was taken from me and so I’m going to take everything from you. What this villain’s true motive will be interesting to see, like is he an angry Hydra officer that has been plotting his revenge or is he just some crazed individual who wants to see superheroes perish by his hand? There’s also the question if he’s working alone or is there some other behind the scenes villain that they’re keeping for a surprise?

My Overall Opinion of this Trailer

I think it’s going to be another successful entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has the formula and I’m thankful to see they’re not letting up on delivering enjoyable films to all us movie lovers. The main thing that excites me about this new movie is what the surprise of the movie will be because there’s always a surprise. Age of Ultron’s surprise was the debut of Vision. Ant-Man’s was having Falcon in the film. And Civil War’s surprise was Captain America dropping his shield at the end. That jaw dropping moment still has me wondering if he’ll reprise his role as Captain America or if he’ll have a different identity. I’m also excited to see the post-credit scenes because those are always fun to watch. After July 7 all of my questions will be answered.

Well thank you for reading for my post. It’s been fun writing about this new trailer and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Have a beautiful day.

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