My New Favorite Brand of Lipstick

It was my birthday and one of the gifts I received that fine day a few weeks ago was a small shopping spree for makeup. Now I love makeup, especially eyeshadow, but I also love lipstick. Lipstick is an expression, it shows how you’re feeling that day. If you want to be bold and noticed in the middle of a crowd you wear a vibrant red or a brass purple. If you want to be a little more subdued you wear more of a flesh colored lipstick. I’m a fan of bold lip colors and that’s why I saw in the Covergirl section this beautiful color called Spellbound.


The color is a bold hot pink and it is very pretty. And the color lasts for twenty-four hours easily. It’s such a strong dye that you can’t just wipe it off of your lips. You have to remove it with makeup removers or your lips will be pink all the way until the next day. I love that though because if I go to a restaurant and I want my lips to still be colored even after eating they will be. Here I am with the lipstick on.

This is me wearing Covergirl’s Spellbound shade.

I really love it and on my next makeup shopping spree, I’m going to get another shade to try. I’ve tried lip glosses from Revlon, lipsticks from Loreal, but none of them have impressed me as much as Covergirl’s has. And it doesn’t just keep your lips colored but it makes them soft as if you’ve put on chapstick which I deeply appreciate. You never want to have a dry lipstick that forces you to put on chapstick if you don’t want to look like a chapped mess.

If you love lipstick as much as I do you have to try this Covergirl lipstick. It keeps your lips moisturized, there are many beautiful shades, and it lasts for twenty-four hours.

Tomorrow I will talk about a variety of eyeshadows and I’m going to say which company is my favorite. If you love eye makeup you’ll won’t want to miss it. Have a beautiful day and thank you for reading my post.

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