Kylo Ren Has A New Ship!

Kylo Ren is already one of the coolest villains ever. He had two of the best scenes in The Force Awakens, the first one being when he first revealed his actual face to Rey, and the second being when he (sniff sniff) faced his father, Han Solo, on the bridge. Now he’s looking even cooler in The Last Jedi with his scarred face, his brand new long cloak, his new outfit, and of course, his patented crossguard lightsaber. But because he just wasn’t cool enough (shrug) he now has his own special ship to fly around the dark depths of space. Spoiler Alert! If you would rather stay in the dark about anything from The Last Jedi please do not read any further. Okay, here’s his ship.

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Meet the New Cuties of the Star Wars Universe

There aren’t many cute creatures in the Star Wars universe and when there are they are beyond adorable. There are, of course, the Ewoks but I’m not a fan of the singing, violent teddy bears. There’s BB-8 who is, at the moment, the sweetest, most adorable droid in the galaxy. And even Chewbacca is cute at times. The Last Jedi will now add some creatures to that small list and I’m excited. Spoiler Alert! Now if you would really like to avoid any spoilers for The Last Jedi I would advise you to discontinue reading this post. Okay, here they are.

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