There aren’t many cute creatures in the Star Wars universe and when there are they are beyond adorable. There are, of course, the Ewoks but I’m not a fan of the singing, violent teddy bears. There’s BB-8 who is, at the moment, the sweetest, most adorable droid in the galaxy. And even Chewbacca is cute at times. The Last Jedi will now add some creatures to that small list and I’m excited. Spoiler Alert! Now if you would really like to avoid any spoilers for The Last Jedi I would advise you to discontinue reading this post. Okay, here they are.


So, this is concept art for the new creatures called Porgs. They live on the island Ach-to where Luke has been residing for several years. I’m already infatuated with these furry aliens. First of all, they look like a cross between hamsters and penguins but that’s not what’s cute about them. Their cutest attribute is those huuuge eyes. Here’s an even better picture of them.


Isn’t it adorable?They’re also supposed to be force-sensitive so that should also be very interesting to see. I’m not a fan of Ewoks so when I heard The Last Jedi was going to have cute, furry creatures in it I was a little worried. And then I saw these Porgs during the behind-the-scenes sizzle reel and now I’m excited to see these things come to life in the movie. To think these little cuties will be living on the beautiful island where Luke is so amazing. I hope there will be quite a few scenes with these creatures because they are just too cute.

And as you can see from the picture above a few of them will be actual animatronics which brings that realism that makes Star Wars so believable. I have a feeling after The Last Jedi comes out I’m going to want a stuffed Porg doll.

If you enjoyed this post you’re going to love my next one because it’s going to be about Kylo Ren’s new ship. It is very awesome by the way. I hope you’ve loved seeing these Porgs as much as I have and I wish you a wonderful day.