My Review of Logan

Logan has been out on Digital and Blu-Ray for several weeks now and I’ve been waiting to finally see it. Leading up to its premiere in theaters I was excited about it. The first trailer was amazing and always gave me chills when I watched it. And then as it got closer to the movie coming out I was hoping it would be good. I didn’t end up getting to see it in the movies but I wanted to see it at home. Now, unfortunately, I had already learned that (Spoiler Alert! Do not read any further if you don’t want to know what happens in this movie) Logan ended up dying in the film which was shocking considering that Jack Hughman had been playing the character, Wolverine since I think 2000. That made me want to see the movie even more.

After watching the two hours and seventeen-minute film last Saturday all I could think about was writing a review. And so here I am writing this post about how I felt about Logan. Once again I have to say Spoiler Alert because I’m going to talk about everything in the movie so if you want to stay spoiler-free I must advise you to discontinue reading this. Okay here’s what I thought about this movie.

1.First of All, The Movie Was Too Long

Logan was, to say the least, quite a ride. It’s the year 2029 and nearly all mutants are extinct. Logan is a limo driver in Las Vegas just living day to day. And then a Latino woman, out of nowhere, at a graveyard urges him to take her daughter with him. It leads to a lot of stuff happening after that concerning a man with a robotic arm, gold tooth, and a country accent, a senile Charles Xavier who needs to be taken care of and who could lose control of his brain powers at any moment, an awfully pale man with weird eyes who can smell like a hound, and a little miniature Wolverine girl who the gold toothed man is trying to find. Logan decides to take care of the little girl after the Latino woman says she’ll pay him $50,000 to get her and her “daughter” to North Dakota. But the woman ends up dead and Logan and senile Charles eventually have to rescue the girl from the bad guys. After that, it becomes a very long and slightly interesting film about two guys and a girl trying to get North Dakota while avoiding the bad guys along the way. These movies, however, are all the same. Logan and the little girl, I think her name was Lora, don’t really like each other throughout the entire film but by the end when Logan’s dying they both realize they care about each other like father and daughter. I’ll get to that a little later in my review but all in all this movie could’ve been thirty minutes shorter.

2. There Was Too Much Violence

I’m not a sissy to violence in movies. I watched The Lord of the Rings when I was five years old and I watched The Hateful Eight, the most violent movie I’ve ever seen, without barely batting an eye. That, however, doesn’t mean I like violence in movies. There are certain types of violence in movies. There’s the necessary kind and then the ridiculous kind. Logan was in the ridiculous category. I know they wanted to make a rated R Wolverine movie but the violence was just a little unwarranted. There were heads getting lopped off with blood spewing everywhere, there were people getting pierced in the eyes, guys getting sliced in the privates, and just lots and lots of fake blood. It felt like whoever was over the choreography was working a little too hard trying to make the movie rated R. That’s, of course, my opinion but I was just a little tired of the fake blood by the end of the movie.

3. Logan’s Death

The main reason why I didn’t fall asleep during that terribly long movie was that I was waiting for the end. I knew Logan was going to die but I wanted to see how it happened. When he finally did die it was so underwhelming. It wasn’t even saddening because I knew it was going to happen throughout the entire film. And when Lora finally whispered, “Daddy” as she held his hand I was like ugh, this is so corny. I really thought it was going to be a better climax than it was. And then the movie finally ended I think two-three minutes after his death which was a relief. When the credits finally did come on I was so glad that I didn’t waste any money to go see this in the movies.

4. The Surprises of the Movie

Now I will say this movie did have a few surprises. The first one was learning that Lora was part of a man-made mutant hospital that created babies with superpowers. That was an interesting detail in the story.

And then the second surprise, which was the most shocking, was the evil mutant Wolverine who killed the family, killed Charles, and eventually killed Logan. He was so scary. When he showed up out of the shadows while Charles was talking I think I gasped. It was a bad moment.

The third surprise was when Logan was nearly depleted of energy and he was rescued by all of the mutant kids who had found their way to the border of Canada in North Dakota. That was relieving because at least the children were okay and they weren’t all dead.

My Conclusion of the Movie

What I enjoyed most about the movie was that the trailers had been so misleading. Nearly everything in the trailers was the first thirty minutes of the movie so as I watched the film I didn’t know what was going to happen. And they kept most of the characters besides Lora, Logan, Charles, and the gold toothed dude under wraps so that was nice. The movie was unfortunately very long and very boring.

I’d have to say the rating I would give this film would be…an 85 out of a 100 and three out of five stars. It wasn’t one of the worst I’ve ever seen but it wasn’t one of the best either. I’d have to say I enjoyed X-Men: Days of Future Past more than Logan. This movie was just too boring.

Well, that’s my review. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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