Avengers: Infinity War: The Characters I Think Might Not Make It To Phase Four

These Marvel movies aren’t keen to kill off their superheroes and some people have thought of that as a flaw in their films. No major character in Marvel has died yet but that seems like that’ll change real soon. In an interview with the Russo Brothers during San-Diego Comic Con, they said there will be deaths in this movie so be prepared. That is quite shocking to hear but very logical. They’re supposed to be facing Thanos, the most powerful being in the universe. It would be ridiculous if no one died after that. So, here’s a list of the people I think have the biggest chance to get a good taste of Thanos’s power before Phase 3 is over.


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Okay, Vision is destined to die. Ever since I found out that the infinity stones are supposed to fit in Thanos’s infinity gauntlet I knew Vision’s time onscreen would be limited. I think his fate is definitely a no brainer.

Captain America

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Captain America is another character whose fate will probably be realized in these next two Avengers films. He’s already died once, he nearly died in both Winter Soldier and Civil War, and now I think Thanos is finally going to end his lucky streak. Will it be sad to see the noble, courageous Steve Rogers die, of course, it will? I just might cry. It will definitely be an impactful moment that’ll linger on in later movies.


is (20)

I know I’m reading into the leaks too much but I just have a big feeling Thor isn’t going to make it. On the leaked trailer Thanos literally held Thor’s head in one hand like as if he could crush with no problem whatsoever. Not only would it be shocking if Thor died but it would also be the statement that Thanos would need to show his incredible power.


is (33)

I’m really surprised Hawkeye hasn’t died yet. His contribution to the Avengers has been…minimal. He’s never around much and when he is he never saves the day. Of course, he is just the secret agent with the arrows but still…until I found out he had a family he was my least favorite Marvel character. Avengers: Age of Ultron saved him by bringing some sort of story to his character. I would be very surprised if he manages to make it in the fight against Thanos. If not for QuickSilver he would’ve died in Age of Ultron. If he survives Thanos and his minions I’ll give him lots of props.

Iron Man

is (34)

Iron Man has been around since Methuselah, that’s how long he’s been a part of Marvel. When I was first introduced to Marvel the only character I knew was Iron Man. And he was my favorite character for a long while. Tony Stark is bombastic, sarcastic, rich, and has a cool suit, but he does have deeper, more sentimental feelings that he tries to avoid on a daily basis. That’s why his arc in Civil War was so perfect. For one time I saw him truly broken and on the cusp of immense grief after his break up with Pepper Potts. And then by the end of the movie when he finds out his friend’s buddy, Bucky, was the murderer of his parents, well you know what happened.

Now, after all of that, I think that if he died within these two next Avengers films it would be really impactful. Iron Man was the beginning of this Goliath that Marvel has become but eventually, he will have to pass the torch. And I don’t think it’ll be in the way of retiring.

Now those are the characters I believe have a high chance of dying. Here are the other characters that I have a hunch might not make it as well.

Scarlet Witch

is (35)

Wanda Maximoff is pretty powerful but there is definitely the chance that she might not make it and here’s why…Vision. I can just see her trying to defend him from Thanos’s wrath and getting killed in the process. It’d be really sad to see, especially that we haven’t been able to fully explore her character yet.

Black Widow

is (36)

Black Widow is awesome and hasn’t really come close to death yet which would make it all the more shocking if she met her demise in Avengers: Infinity War. If Black Widow died I’d be upset. She would’ve never gotten her own movie and she’s just simply too cool to kill off. I’m really hoping I’m incorrect about this.

Gamora and Nebula

Gamora and Nebula will be one of Thanos’s main targets for sure considering that they are his adopted daughters which give them a good chance of falling victim to his wrath. Hopefully, they’ll be lucky enough to make it.


is (40)

It would be utterly shocking if Rocket died. He’s so hilarious and angry and violent all at the same time, it’s rather comical. If Rocket died no one would see it coming and that’s why I think he has a decent chance of not surviving this next Avengers movie.

And finally The Hulk

is (41)

The Hulk is seemingly indestructible when he’s in full angry, green rage monster mode. If he died then it would be appalling, to say the least. I can just see it, Thanos standing tall over the unmoving corpse of The Hulk while the rest of The Avengers look on with gaped mouths. That would be crazy, to say the least. Now I don’t think The Hulk is going to die but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Well, that’s my post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my predictions. Now the last time I predicted who would live or die in a movie was for Rogue One and well…you know what happened in that movie. I’m just hoping the outcome of Avengers: Infinity War won’t be as grim….

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