The Fun of Binge-Reading Star Wars Books

Reading is one of my favorite activities. I love fiction and non-fiction, fantasy and American History, I love it all. The books I have never happened to read in my nineteen years of living, however, have been Star Wars books. As much as I love Star Wars I never was very interested in the books. I liked the movies and tv shows, I liked being able to see the characters and planets and watch things unfold visually. That’s why after I went to one of my local libraries and read for the first time, a Star Wars book, I was blown away.

The book, in particular, was Catalyst, the prequel to Rogue One.


It follows the story of Galen Erso, the scientist, Lyra Erso, the adventurer, and Orson Krennic, the evil, power hungry Leuitenant before we ever meet them in Rogue One. It was amazing!!!!

The thing about a book is you can put a lot more details into a story then you can do a movie, such as what someone is thinking during a situation. Catalyst, if it was a movie, wouldn’t be thought of as great because there is a lot of dialogue and quiet moments that wouldn’t be as easy to express on a screen. I was riveted. The book was so good in fact that I finished it in one day. Yes…I really did.

I loved learning a little more about Galen Erso and his relationship with Krennic. They were good friends but both were torn between two beliefs. And Lyra was the rock between both of them. She despised Krennic because she knew he was evil and manipulative. Krennic despised her because he knew she was the obstacle between him and his rise to power as the creator of the Death Star’s weapon.

Because of this book now when I watch the beginning of Rogue One, and the rest of the movie for that matter, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what’s going on. And it makes Jyn’s story so much more interesting because she’s literally the daughter of the genius scientist, Galen Erso. The man who the Empire was depending upon for the weapon of the Death Star. Wow.

Then the second book I read was Aftermath: Life’s Debt.


This book was just as enthralling. It was strange reading a rated R style Star Wars book. The situations were more adult like and it brought a different feel to Star Wars that I had never experienced before. The thing I liked most about this book was Han and Leia. Leia, in this book, is pregnant with little baby Ben and now I’m starting to see why things didn’t end up so great for Han and Leia’s relationship.

Han and Leia are two completely different people. Leia is the Princess of Alderaan, a general, a political powerhouse, and a rebel. Han is a smuggler, through and through. No matter how much he tries to be a part of the rebellion it’s just not his lingo. Ben Solo was really the only thing keeping them together. They didn’t want their child to be raised without the love of two parents. But when Ben turned to the Dark Side when he got older I can now see why that was the rift that tore them apart. It’s really sad if you think about it. And to know that Han ended up dying by the hand of his own child?! That is so bad.

Another reason why I loved this book is because it brought an even deeper insight into Han and Chewbacca’s relationship. They care for each other so much. It’s like they’re brothers even though they’re clearly not. I’m excited to see the young Han Solo movie delve into that even more.

It was also fascinating to learn about Temmin a.k.a Snap, the pilot in Poe’s squadron. I didn’t like Snap that much in The Force Awakens. In fact, he was the only character in the movie that I genuinely disliked but now after reading this book and learning about his backstory I actually like him now. There were other tidbits of information scattered throughout the book that has only made The Force Awakens and the upcoming Star Wars film more interesting. And like Catalyst, I finished it in one day.

Now I have to read the next few books in the timeline and I’m super excited to continue delving into these, I guess you could say, Star Wars stories (hee-hee.) Now whenever a new Star Wars book will be announced I’m going to be just as excited as if a new film is coming out.

If you haven’t read these books I highly recommend that you do. You will not be disappointed in the slighest. I thank you for reading this post, I hope you have a wonderful day, and May the Force Be With You.


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