Where does Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Rank in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

So I just recently watched the second Guardians of the Galaxy and yes I enjoyed it but did I think it was better than some of the other Marvel films? Well, it’s time to find out where it ranks amongst the now fifteen (not including Spider-Man which I still haven’t seen yet) Marvel movies.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is definitely my favorite Marvel movie to date. The story isn’t overcrowded by a multitude of superheroes, there aren’t any boring moments, and it’s, to me, Marvel at its best, storytelling and all.

2. Captain America: Civil War


The third Captain America would’ve been better than the second one if not for a few flaws such as the lackluster musical score, that very unnecessary and kind of disturbingly creepy kiss between Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter, and the semi-boring dialogue. Besides those three aspects of the film, the movie is really good.

3. Doctor Strange


I loved Doctor Strange. It was such a blast to watch in IMAX. The twisting, bending, and folding of New York City, his wonderful cape, I mean, the film is nearly perfect. If the extras were a little more reactive and the characters, besides Doctor Strange, had a little more to chew on, this would definitely give The Winter Soldier a run for its money.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t at all like anyone expected. It was hilarious, fun, visually appealing, and told a great story about a bunch of rascals who came together to save the galaxy. I came away from this film utterly astonished. The movie was perfect, plain and simple, and it still is to this day. The only reason why this is in the fourth spot is that the premise was just a rehash of The Avengers and the villain wasn’t that threatening.

5. Avengers: Age of Ultron


Avengers: Age of Ultron was undoubtedly less of a success and was not as impeccably made as the first one but I still like this one better. Mainly because of the additions of Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Quicksilver. And I do happen to like the action scenes, and even all 84 jokes (yes, I counted) they managed to cram into this movie. Captain America also happens to not be wearing that eyesore of a suit he has in the first Avengers so that also helps. The one major flaw of this movie is definitely Hulk and Black Widow’s relationship. That was so unexpected, and not in a good way. They were destined not to be together in the first place so I’m glad The Hulk ended their little relationship.

6. The Avengers


Back in 2012, The Avengers was a groundbreaker in the superhero world. Marvel had done what nobody else had, which was bring together a team of heroes to fight an unstoppable villain in the form of a movie, without making it corny. It is the fifth highest-grossing film in cinema history and for good reason. The movie was perfectly made and it was pretty awesome. Now five years later it seems ancient but it still has its redeeming qualities. And Loki was a formidable threat and one of the few decent villains out of all of the Marvel films. Let’s hope Thanos will top him.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


And finally, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Number seven is where I place this film. GOTG Vol. 2 was a fun movie to watch with plenty of hilarious jokes to go about but it just didn’t catch the essence it had in the last one. The first GOTG was perfect. This one felt a little forced as if James Gunn was trying a little too hard to make it better. It is, still, one of the better Marvel films and that’s why it’s not beneath the likes of Ant-Man or Iron Man 2.

So this is where I rank GOTG Vol. 2. I thank you for reading and Happy Solar Eclipse Day!



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