4 Star Wars Stories That I Would Love To See

When Disney bought LucasFilm back in 2012 I was skeptical. Star Wars is such an iconic, serious franchise that the thought of the company who’s known for making children movies like Cinderella taking it over was slightly worrying. And then when they announced that would be making Star Wars movies I was even more frightened. Would Disney ruin Star Wars forever? Fast forward five years and Star Wars has become the most exciting event of the year for me. The movies have been spectacular, the characters have been memorable and wonderful, and Star Wars is once again a franchise worth loving again.

One of LucasFilm’s genius ideas was to, this time around, create these Star Wars stories as sort of intermission movies between the new trilogy and so far it’s been a huge success. Rogue One seemed like an interesting idea and boy was it great. Never before has there been a Star Wars film as gritty and dire as Rogue One. It hurdled boundaries and was a great introduction to this new concept of Star Wars films. In fact, it’s my third favorite Star Wars movie behind The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens.

Now a young Han Solo film is still in the works and it’s rumored that the third standalone Star Wars film will be an Obi-Wan centered flick (YAY!) that’ll come out in 2020. If so that would be great but this is the only problem with that. If there truly is an Obi-Wan Star Wars story I’m pretty certain it’ll be about his years after Revenge of the Sith. That would mean every one of these Star Wars stories will have been made in the timeline between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Either LucasFilm is just really fascinated with that time period or there’s a serious lack of imagination going on. So, on that note, here are four Star Wars stories that I think would be fun to watch and would shake up the content that’s being provided right now.

1. The Old Republic


Okay, it doesn’t have to be a complete rehash of the game but can LucasFilm please make an Old Republic Star Wars story? First of all, it would be a time period far off from where the movies are now so that would allow a lot of creative leverage for concept artists and writers. Secondly, who doesn’t want to watch a film where you have lightsaber duels that contain multiple Jedi facing multiple Sith? It would be so epic! And third, I think a really good movie could come out of that timeline.

I remember when the game was coming out several years ago. I used to watch the game trailers over and over again because they were just so incredible, and at that time those trailers were the closest I could get to watch a new Star Wars movie. If LucasFilm could make a two hour and something minute movie out of this portion of Star Wars history I would be ecstatic.

2. The Knights of Ren


The Knights of Ren are awesome, plain and simple, but not a lot is known about them. I would love to see a movie dedicated to revealing just exactly who they are and what their story is. It would have to be a dark film and it would have to be kind of scary, to a certain degree, because this is the Knights of Ren we’re talking about. They’re evil, they wear masks to make themselves even more frightening, and they all reside under their leader, Supreme Leader Snoke who is a mystery all by himself.

Another perk of having a Knights of Ren movie would allow LucasFilm to showcase Ben Solo converting to the dark side and joining the menacing group. It would shine a light on just exactly why he turned down the dark path and it would simply be interesting to find out. It would also be a great shakeup in the storytelling because every Star Wars film is about the heroes a.k.a the good guys. There has never been a Star Wars focused solely on the villains.

3. Darth Vader


Darth Vader, undoubtedly, needs his own movie. First of all, he’s my favorite character, so the thought of him having his own movie, for me, is wondrous. I mean, can you imagine a Star Wars film with Darth Vader going around possibly hunting for rogue Jedi, choking people left and right, talking importantly with his baritone voice, and causing horrifying destruction with his lightsaber like he did at the end of Rogue One? I can and it’s glorious.

Another good thing about having a Darth Vader film is his story doesn’t have to be confined to one time period. He could have a movie based on his years following Revenge of the Sith, or maybe a film placed after A New Hope where he would be searching for the mysterious Luke Skywalker. That could be fun to watch. Whatever the case, if LucasFilm makes a Darth Vader Star Wars story I’m going to be the happiest person on earth.

4. Princess Leia


I think a Princess Leia standalone film is bound to happen. First off, she’s a very cool character and is an icon in the movie world. Secondly, a lot is known about her years after A New Hope but what about before that? What were her years like as a child and a teenager? Was Senator Organa teaching her in the ways of diplomacy and training her to become the eventual ruler of Alderaan? Or was she an agent of the rebellion since she was a little girl and as she grew older she rose in stature in the Senate and became a diplomatic powerhouse for the resistance groups? And what wild adventures had she partaken to fill her bones with so much steel that she could look, Darth Vader, of all people, in the face and down talk him without batting an eye? These are questions I would love to be answered in the form of a movie.

And if Han Solo can get his own film then she definitely should have one too.

So these are the Star Wars stories I hope eventually will come to fruition. The question is, what standalone Star Wars films do you want to see? Do you want to see a Boba Fett film or maybe something a little more grimy and rugged like a Jabba the Hutt movie? I’d love to find out.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and I thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day!



One thought on “4 Star Wars Stories That I Would Love To See”

  1. I don’t know if they will do a Vader or Leia film because they already have books in the new canon, along with Tarkin and Thrawn. I imagine the Knights of Ren will get some time in the next film, since Kylos origin story seems critical to the overarching trilogy plot. For me, I want to see an Old Republic film, a period where Jedi are still heroes. Maybe a Jedi origin film even?

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