The Last Jedi Has Revealed Two More Vehicles That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s getting close to the time when LucasFilm will start ramping up advertising and with advertising comes new tidbits from the movie. Well, yesterday two new vehicles that are going to appear in The Last Jedi have been shown and I think they’re pretty awesome.

The Dreadnought


So this is the first one. This is a mega-size Star Destroyer called the Dreadnought and it is amazing. I mean look at it. This is just a picture and I can tell how huge it is. And do you see that large gun poking out at the bottom? That thing looks like it can do some serious damage.

Is this the best Star Destroyer I’ve ever seen? I don’t know. I love the Finalizer,


I love the Executor,


and then there’s the Dreadnought. From the picture, it looks kind of bland, aesthetically. There aren’t any red accents that I’ve grown so accustomed to seeing with the First Order’s designs. It’s very, very flat, like as if some Galactic space giant smashed it with a ginormous spatula. But, what it lacks in beauty, I have a feeling will be justified with its sheer firepower or something like that. I foresee a very epic space battle in The Last Jedi.

And the AT-M6 Walker


Now, this walker is terrifyingly beautiful. I love its armored front legs, I love the red tinted windows, I love the sort of fang-looking protrusions coming out of its head, I mean this might be my favorite vehicle revealed in The Last Jedi so far. In fact, it is my favorite one. In the teaser, I could see them briefly as huge shadows lumbering across the flatlands of the new planet, Crait, but to see what they truly look like is amazing.

And look at those guns! This walker is going to cause so much damage it isn’t even going to be funny.


The First Order is returning with a vengeance. The Resistance is going to need a lot of luck facing these behemoths.

So those are the two new vehicles that have been revealed by LucasFilm. If you want to read a little more about the design and inspiration behind these new creations go to I highly recommend it. The thought process behind the Dreadnought and the AT-M6 Walker is fascinating.

So, as I finish this post and every day passes the countdown to The Last Jedi grows slimmer. Next week Force Friday will be back, the new trailer is undoubtedly around the corner, and before we know it tickets for The Last Jedi will be available to purchase. I’m so excited!

Thank you for reading and May the Force Be With You.



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