A Revelation About Rey

So I have just recently finished reading Star Wars: Bloodline which was so good by the way. This book is set, I think, six years before The Force Awakens and is focused solely on Leia and what she was doing at that time. Not only was it fun reading about that time period and all of its political struggles and so forth in the galaxy but it also gave me one of the largest hints about Rey that I’ve gotten in the last twenty months and I’m so excited to share it with you.

The Multiple Theories Surrounding Rey


In the months after The Force Awakens fans, like me, have tried to solve the mystery that is Rey. Who is she, who are her parents, and why is she so important to this whole story that’s unfolding? And in the last twenty months, a lot of theories have been presented. Some are downright ridiculous like Rey being a clone made out of Luke Skywalker’s hand. I think someone was talking about a theory where she was Palpatine’s evil clone or something preposterous like that. And there are the more sensible theories like her being a Kenobi or her possibly being a Palpatine.

One theory that really stood out to me, however, involved her being one of Luke Skywalker’s pupils while he still had his Jedi Academy. In the events of Ben Solo turning to the dark side she would’ve managed to escape by the help of a mysterious someone, and was placed down on Jakku, which I’m starting to discover is a really important planet thanks to the AfterMath trilogy. That theory would help explain why Kylo Ren seems to know her when he meets her which is all the more accentuated when you read The Force Awakens novel. There were many times during the book when they teased the fact that he knew her. He even went as far to say when she force-grabbed Luke’s lightsaber instead of him during the battle on StarKiller Base, “It is you.” If that isn’t confirmation that they’re linked in some sort of strange way then I don’t what is.

And that theory proved this point perfectly. If Rey had been a pupil of Luke’s then Kylo Ren would have known her when he attacked his fellow Jedi. Of course, she was but a child then but he would clearly be familiar with her if he saw her again, even after a decade later.

And it would also validate why she was drawn so strongly to Luke’s lightsaber. I mean, if he was her master, wouldn’t it make sense if her destiny was to return back to him to complete her training?

This, to me, was a perfect theory involving Rey and one that really made sense. And then I read Star Wars: Bloodline and that theory about her was completely shattered. This is why.

Rey’s Age When She Was Placed On Jakku


During Rey’s brief but very important vision it shows Rey as a little girl being abandoned on Jakku in the hands of the disgusting Unkar Plutt. Judging from how she looks she seems to be between the ages of four and six years old. That creates a huge problem for the theory I talked about earlier and here’s the reason.

Bloodline is set six years before The Force Awakens and at that time Ben Solo was still under the tutelage of Luke, which means he hadn’t gone completely to the dark side yet. Now, if this book is supposed to be six years before The Force Awakens even happens, and Rey is nineteen when we meet her in the movie, then that means she was between twelve and fourteen years old during the events of Bloodline, which is definitely not the age she was in her vision.

That means when Ben became Kylo Ren and he destroyed the Jedi Rey was already in her teens. So that theory is completely ruined and only makes me want to ask even more questions such as how could Kylo Ren possibly know who she is?

She would’ve been but a baby if he ever met her in person so of course, that would explain why he can’t recognize her. But, considering that he spent most of his early days with his mother, Leia, if he did meet Rey was she maybe royalty? Is she the daughter of some unknown politician who knew she had the force and feared for her life, hence placing on a remote planet such as Jakku. Or is she some other entity entirely?

Ugh, the questions could go on and on but I know that no real answer will come until I watch The Last Jedi so there’s no reason to think about it too hard.

The Unfortunate Conclusion


So once again I’m back to the beginning in terms of solving the mystery of Rey. Now, after my revelation about her, she is suddenly all the more mysterious. Just who exactly is this girl who can command the Force to her will with uncanny ease? I can’t wait to find out.

For all of you people who were really convinced by that theory like me, I hope this post didn’t bust your bubble too much like it did mine. In fact, maybe it’s given you more insight into another theory that suddenly makes more sense. Whatever the case, I thank you for reading and I can’t wait to bring some more Star Wars talk your way soon. May the Force Be With You.

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