Has Luke Skywalker Secretly Gone to the Dark Side in The Last Jedi?

I am pretty sure that there are going to be a lot of surprises in The Last Jedi, and one of the biggest, if not slightly devastating, shockers would be to find out that after all of these years Luke Skywalker turned bad. Not only would that be one of the most astonishing surprises in Star Wars history but that would just be terrible. Luke Skywalker was a galactic hero. He survived the seductive powers of the Emperor, he saved his father’s soul, and he was a full-blown Jedi Knight by the end of Return of the Jedi. So what could possibly turn the Jedi Master to the dark side? I have no idea but the closer it gets to The Last Jedi’s premiere the more apparent it’s becoming that Luke isn’t the same Luke he was in Episode VI. I’ve just recently seen a couple of new photos of Luke and I’m telling you, they’re kind of creepy. Here they are. Continue reading Has Luke Skywalker Secretly Gone to the Dark Side in The Last Jedi?

The Things I Would Love To See In The Next Trailer for The Last Jedi

I am pretty positive thanks to a very reliable source in the form of Mark Hamill’s twitter that on October 9 the next trailer for The Last Jedi will premiere during Monday Night Football. That is literally only ten days from now. Isn’t that awesome? And so, since it’s so close until the next trailer debuts I’m here writing a post on the things I would really love to see in the trailer. Here they are.

A Few More Shots of Finn


Finn was a very essential character in The Force Awakens, in fact, he was just as important as Rey, and so when the teaser trailer came out I was kind of disappointed to see only one shot of him and that only consisted of him asleep in some sort of bacta device. Now I understand why he was so scarcely seen in the trailer. That trailer was supposed to kind of highlight where the characters were the last time we saw them without really showing too much but it’s less than three months until the movie comes out. I think it’s time we see a little more Finn action, for sure.

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The New Season of Survivor Is Here!

35 seasons, seventeen years, and Survivor is still going as strong as ever. After last season I was a little skeptical that this new season wouldn’t be as good as Survivor: Game Changers, considering that Season 34 had so many huge personalities and incredible Survivor players. I was excited about this new dynamic however in terms of the three groups, Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers. Would these people really live up to their groups’ identities or would the titles just mainly boost their egos?

When Season 35 debuted its premiere last night I was ecstatic. One of my favorite shows is Survivor and so whenever there’s a new season I am so excited to see the new faces and new idols and new situations that Survivor never seems to disappoint on. And last night’s premiere was not an exception. Continue reading The New Season of Survivor Is Here!

Why I’m So Excited for Thor: Ragnarok

I know it’s not even a month until Thor: Ragnarok comes out but the closer it gets to November 3 the more excited I’m starting to get. It’s getting closer and closer to the days when Avengers: Infinity War will be the movie I’ll be waiting for and Thor: Ragnarok, I’m sure, will have a lot of nods towards that Avengers film. I’m also excited to watch this new Thor film because it looks so different than all of his other movies.

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My Review of Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia

Ever since the Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia came out earlier this year I have been so excited to finally own it. And now that I have it I can honestly say that is one of the coolest books I have ever owned. This encyclopedia is absolutely packed with content. I mean filled to the rim, from the front to the back.

There is a huge section on the planets in the universe.

Look at all of these planets!

And I ended up finding out some incredible facts. Like the planet Bespin, for example. Ever since I first saw the Cloud City and all of those beautiful clouds I used to imagine an entire world beneath the city. I had no idea that the planet entirely consisted of gas. That is mind-blowing and now I see Bespin in a whole different light.

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My Favorite Pics from the Set of the Han Solo Film

Since Ron Howard became the new director of the still-untitled Han Solo film he has been updating us Star Wars fans with all sorts of vague, but very interesting photos of the upcoming Han Solo movie. Here are the photos that I think are incredibly telling even if there isn’t really anything to see. Enjoy!

I love this photo simply because I love new mysterious locations in the world of Star Wars and this photo totally screams mysterious. There’s the fog, there’s a giant broken machine or something like that over on the right side. I can’t wait to see what this will be in the Han Solo movie.

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The Last Jedi Has Incredible New Photos

It’s less than three months until The Last Jedi comes out and some new photos have surfaced and they are simple but magnificently brilliant and exciting. Here they are:

A New Image of Poe Dameron


The literally dashing Poe has a new image and this showcases him in the midst of some dire scenario. This is definitely part of the same shot that we saw in the trailer with him running down a hall only to find his beautiful black X-Wing being blown up. I can’t wait to see what happens.

A New Image of Captain Phasma


In my latest Star Wars post, I talked about how much I enjoyed reading Phasma and now she’s got a new photo. Captain Phasma has an absolutely gorgeous suit, does she not? I’m really hoping she’ll have a bigger role in this next film but if the trailer is anything to go by, she will.

A New Image of Finn and Rose


First of all, this photo happens to showcase one of the casinos in the glamorous Canto Bight which is already fascinating. It really looks like some sort of retro hangout that totally has a Star Wars feel yet it’s completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in the Star Wars universe. And secondly, ooh, I think Finn and Rose are going to have a little romantic thing going on if this picture has anything to say about it. I knew it…I think. This is, of course, just a picture. They just might be friends. *shrug*

A New Image of the Incredible Dreadnought


This picture is amazing. It shows an X-Wing about to attack the Dreadnought, and I’m just going to go off a whim here, but do you see those asteroids in the background? Well, that reminds me of the asteroid belt that surrounds D,Qar, the Resistance’s secret base. If that is true then that means there is going to be an epic battle over the planet involving the Dreadnought, which also means that massive gun on the bottom will probably see some action. I am soooo excited.

A New Image of Luke Skywalker


And finally, there is the infamous Luke Skywalker. This is an absolutely wonderful photo. First of all, it’s Luke so that is already awesome. Secondly, I love the dark poncho and the dark clothing. It’s not black like the clothes he wore in Return of the Jedi but it’s rather a lovely dark brown. Luke is so cool. I can’t wait to see his new story unfold in The Last Jedi.

Well, these are all the new photos. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.