What I Think About These New Additions To The Last Jedi

So, Force Friday has come and gone and now it seems like Lucasfilm is pushing full throttle into the advertising stage. Yay! And with more advertising comes more insight into the movie at hand. And I just so happened to go to starwars.com and saw that some new additions have been added to the databank. So with no further delay let me talk about them.



So the First Order has little BB-units of their own and I’m already in love with these evil counterparts of the dark faction. I love that this BB-unit has a flat head instead of a round one like BB-8 and I love that it’s a shiny black. I’m pretty sure this droid won’t have a huge role in the new film (unless it’s Kylo Ren’s droid*thumbs up*) but I am glad to see this cute new addition to the Star Wars universe.



If I’m being honest I have mixed feelings about these Porgs. On one hand, they seem adorable and huggable and all of the things you’d want a cute hamster penguin to be. And then, on the other hand, they worry me, big time. I’m really hoping these creatures aren’t at all like Ewoks because that, for me, would be a real bummer.

Now, I think the fact that Luke has been on a planet at the edge of the galaxy with these cute creatures is rather cool. I mean I’m sure he’s enjoyed these things’ company. I’m just hoping that the Porgs will be as lovable as BB-8 was in The Force Awakens.



I have loved this new planet since I saw it in the teaser trailer. I love the white sand and the craggy cliffs. I love the red dirt. I love that it’s an abandoned Rebel Alliance outpost that the Resistance has taken refuge in again. I mean, it’s a wonderful new location.

One thing I love in Star Wars are new, unique locations and this is definitely one of them. I can’t wait to see this planet in full detail in The Last Jedi.

And Finally, the Elite Praetorian Guards


These new additions to the Star Wars universe are like the Royal Guards on steroids. Not only are they simply beautiful to look at but I’m pretty sure their roles in the movie will not be disappointing, at least I hope not.

These guards are supposed to basically be Supreme Leader Snoke’s bodyguards so hopefully, unlike the Royal Guards, I’ll be able to see them in action. Judging from the fact that every picture of them has them in fighting stances pretty much confirms that they will see some action in this film, even if it’s brief.

I also just love, love, love their red armor. They almost look like life-sized toys because of the way their armor looks but I think that’s so awesome. And the fact that they each have different weapons is beyond cool to me. Just thinking about these Praetorian Guards makes me beyond excited about The Last Jedi.

So, these are the latest additions to the databank on Star Wars’ official website. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have and I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day. May the Force Be With You.

3 thoughts on “What I Think About These New Additions To The Last Jedi”

  1. Hello, when I saw BB-9E for the first time I thought it was de-humidifier unit (sorry!) Then I thought it would make a really cool case for a PC computer having those cooling vents. I then realised it was a droid and I guess it’s growing on me.

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