I Am So Excited for the US Open Women’s Championship Today!

The past week of women’s tennis has been thrilling to watch. From the quarter-final match between Sloane Stephens and #13 Stevaslova to the semifinal match between unranked Stephens and #3 Venus Williams. This semifinal was amazing this year. First of all, all four women were American. When does that ever happen? And secondly, three of the four women had never had opportunities like this before. Stephens managed to, after an amazing last set, beat Williams and advance to the final for the first time. And Madison Keys blew past Coco Vandeweghe as if her competitor wasn’t even good. She had so much focus and control that it was truly incredible to watch. She also has advanced to the final for the first time in her career as well.

This is very heartening for American tennis to see two Americans in the final of the US Open. Not only is it a great accomplishment for our country but Venus and Serena Williams are on their way out, whether I like it or not, and I’ve always wondered when they’re gone who will take their place? Now there are three talented American female tennis players who, if they continue like this, can take the tennis world by storm and I’m just so happy. Of course, this could just be a lucky year and this could possibly never happen again but I’m loving it while it lasts.

Now, to the event at hand, Stephens vs. Keys. I think this is going to be a surprisingly good match. Yes, Keys looks amazing and is probably the favorite to win this match but I wouldn’t rule Stephens out. Frankly, I thought Stephens was going to be obliterated by Venus Williams and she ended up shocking the world by securing a victory for herself. Stephens is not only talented but she’s also very fast. If she can pull Keys out of her game she could possibly win the championship. Stephens’s main weakness, however, is herself. If she gets in her own head she will definitely lose the match.

Keys is very talented as well though. Her serves are dynamite, her ground strokes are full of pure speed and power, and she’s just a very good player. What’s her Achilles’ heel? Frankly, I don’t know. I think what will get her beat is if she just loses that mojo she’s had for the entire tournament.

I’m so excited for this match, as I’m sure you can tell. This is going to be a fantastic championship no matter what the outcome is. I’m really hoping that it becomes a nail-biting, heart pounding, three set match worthy of the ages.

Who do I want to win? Well, I’ll be happy with whoever wins but I would really love it if Stephens won. Her storyline in this tournament, the fact that she was ranked 930!!! and is now in the finals is absolutely incredible. That’s like a team to the equivalent of UNC Wilmington in the March Madness tournament making it all the way to the championship. If she won it would be a really powerful moment not only for her but for all of the other lower ranked tennis players. It would show that the rankings are just merely a number and that anyone if they work hard enough, can realize their dream.

Whatever happens, I’m counting down the hours until 4:00 because I’m just that excited to see this championship. I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Photo Copyright: Shinya Suzuki



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