A New Star Wars Location: Canto Bight

One thing that I love to see in the Star Wars films are new, unique locations. The Force Awakens had Takodana, a beautiful, original planet filled with forests, lakes, and mountains. Rogue One had Eadu, the rain-soaked planet, Wobani, an Imperial Labor Camo located upon a dreary, snowy landscape, and finally Scarif, the gorgeous tropical planet home to one of the Imperials’ most secretive bases. These were incredible new locations that were different than any other planets I’ve seen in the other movies and they were simply magnificent.

Now The Last Jedi is introducing at least three new locations full of mystery and history that I can’t wait to see unfold on the big screen. Canto Bight, however, is the one I’m most excited to see.


This is the only picture so far that has been released by Lucasfilm to show to the public and I am speechless. First of all, the city is even more beautiful than I could possibly imagine. The buildings’ shapes greatly remind me of how the structures looked in Naboo. And now I know, thanks to the updated databank on starwars.com, that Canto Bight is on a desert planet named Cantonica which is even more fascinating. An incredibly gorgeous city in the middle of a desert, now that’s original.

And the fact that it’s supposed to be such a ritzy-ditzy place makes me all the more excited to see the new aliens and what outfits the city’s inhabitants will be wearing. The article in Vanity Fair earlier this year, of course, showed some of the characters that will be in this new world but I’m excited to see the city in motion.

The question is, what will this city’s role be in the movie. It’s said that Finn and Rose will go there, for what reason, I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see.

Well, that’s been the latest update in the world of Star Wars. I’m just waiting until the day when either the third Star Wars story is officially announced, a title is eventually given to the Han Solo film, and the next trailer for The Last Jedi finally comes out. When those things happen it’ll be a great day.

I thank you for reading my post on this beautiful Saturday and May the Force Be With You.

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