My Favorite Pics from the Set of the Han Solo Film

Since Ron Howard became the new director of the still-untitled Han Solo film he has been updating us Star Wars fans with all sorts of vague, but very interesting photos of the upcoming Han Solo movie. Here are the photos that I think are incredibly telling even if there isn’t really anything to see. Enjoy!

I love this photo simply because I love new mysterious locations in the world of Star Wars and this photo totally screams mysterious. There’s the fog, there’s a giant broken machine or something like that over on the right side. I can’t wait to see what this will be in the Han Solo movie.

This is another fascinating photo of an original looking area and I am excited to see what it is. Where does that room lead? I’m so excited to find out.

Paul Bettany, welcome to the Star Wars universe. This photo is so exciting. First of all, I love Paul Bettany as Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I can’t wait to see him again in Avengers: Infinity War. And now he’s a part of the upcoming Han Solo film. Judging from the strange vials and items his character is probably going to be some sort of Star Wars scientist…or something like that. And look at that window! It’s beautiful in a sort of fantastic Star Wars way. I’m excited to see which planet will be outside of that incredible window.

I love this photo simply because of its simplicity. There’s literally nothing to see except for a steering wheel and a pair of gloved hands but this photo is telling an entire story that we don’t even know yet and it is fascinating. What is this cool vehicle? Is it a speeder? And what character’s hands are those? Is that Han Solo? Oh, it’s so exciting.

And finally, there is this photo which is actually my favorite of Ron Howard’s pictures. Why do I love this picture so much, you might ask? Well, just look at it. This is a location that I just can’t wait to see. That massive hole, what is that?! Is this some sort of incredible new building? Or is it a secret entrance to some galactic gangster’s hideout? My imagination just goes everywhere with this photo. And I’m loving the gritty design. Like Rogue One, this movie’s overall atmosphere seems to be a little darker than your average Star Wars film. And, if I’m not mistaken I think Alden Ehrenreich, the new face of Han Solo, can be seen in the bottom left of this photo. That’s even more exciting.

You know, I’ve been skeptical about this film since it was announced. The thought of a young Han Solo film didn’t seem that necessary and I wasn’t very excited. And then there was all of that controversy with the directors being fired 3/4ths of the way into filming the actual movie. That wasn’t a good sign and didn’t help build my confidence for the film’s chances of being good. But now, since Ron Howard has become the director, I’ve actually started warming up to this Han Solo film idea. Of course, these are just vague photos that aren’t really telling or showing anything but if this is the essence of the actual movie then this might turn out to be one of the best Star Wars movies ever made.

Well, these are my favorite photos Ron Howard has shared but there are a whole lot more at I hope you’ve enjoyed and I thank you for reading this post. May the Force Be With You.

Oh, and by the way, Mark Hamill tweeted about a week ago to watch Monday Night Football on October 9th…for no particular reason. I have a huge feeling that this is the release date of the next trailer for The Last Jedi so keep an eye out three Mondays from now.

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