The New Season of Survivor Is Here!

35 seasons, seventeen years, and Survivor is still going as strong as ever. After last season I was a little skeptical that this new season wouldn’t be as good as Survivor: Game Changers, considering that Season 34 had so many huge personalities and incredible Survivor players. I was excited about this new dynamic however in terms of the three groups, Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers. Would these people really live up to their groups’ identities or would the titles just mainly boost their egos?

When Season 35 debuted its premiere last night I was ecstatic. One of my favorite shows is Survivor and so whenever there’s a new season I am so excited to see the new faces and new idols and new situations that Survivor never seems to disappoint on. And last night’s premiere was not an exception.


The show started with, of course, everyone being introduced on the boat by Jeff Probst before a mad scramble ensued as each group had to collect as much food as they could before getting to the beach and lighting their urn so they could get fire-making supplies. The Healers, surprisingly, won their first challenge as a team and obtained the super fire-making kit while the Heroes came in a close second and were able to get some flint. The Hustlers failed miserably and didn’t get anything but a map to their camp’s destination.

And so then everyone arrived at their camps and the game of Survivor began. Now I know the editing team sped things up a little bit considering that it was only an hour episode but I was still a little taken aback by how fast people were already trying to create alliances, at least on the Heroes and Hustlers teams. Back in the day individuals would introduce themselves as an entire group and alliances would start from there but now the game has evolved so much in the 35 seasons that people don’t waste time anymore on petty discussions. They just get right to the nitty-gritty and start forging their path in the game.

I really loved the brand new Super Idol that Ryan ended up owning. Idols are a huge asset to the game of Survivor. So many unfathomable things have happened because of these little tokens that I can’t even remember all of them. And there have been so many different types of idols that to see a new variation of the powerful item is always a treat. And this was definitely one of the coolest idols I’ve ever seen.

I also loved that the players had to use it during the first tribal council because that kind of forced the premiere to have some sort of drama. And boy was there some drama, but I’ll get to that later. All in all, I loved the new idol.

The main point of a good Survivor season is the people. You have to have a group of individuals who have a wide variety of backgrounds and personalities. Some people will bond, some people will undoubtedly clash, but overall the groups will cause all of the suspense and riveting situations that good Survivor seasons always have. And I am glad to see that this season has brought people who are willing to do anything to get a million dollars and that means there will be a lot of nail-biting and shocking moments in this season, at least I hope.

Now, one of the first clashes in the premiere of Season 35 was between Alan, the NFL player, J.P, the firefighter, and Ashley, the lifeguard.


Alan wanted to create a disturbance between J.P and Ashley because he felt that they were becoming too close for comfort and so he decided to accuse them of having an idol. It was a bold move and even though Alan might’ve helped stir the pot of suspicion in camp I think it’s going to bite him back by the next tribal council because at the end of the day J.P and Ashley really didn’t have an idol or even a clue and so they’re the ones who are right in this situation. I applaud Alan for trying to create some chaos in the ranks but I think he royally messed up.

It’s funny how things roll out because all of that drama happened and the Heroes ended up losing the immunity challenge. I was so excited. First of all, who was Ryan going to give his Super Idol too and would Alan’s trick work and end up causing the “Mom Squad” and Patrick to vote for either Ashley or J.P.

Ryan ended up giving Chrissy the Super Idol and I was so ready to see what would happen at the tribal council. I was just positive that she was going to save Katrina or herself if came down to it and they would get rid of either Ashley or J.P. When the votes were finished and Chrissy didn’t use the idol I was utterly shocked and slightly mortified. I thought the “Mom Squad” had each other’s backs but come to find out Chrissy isn’t as innocent as she looks. If she sticks around long for there to be a merge of sorts where the teams have to come together she might end up becoming a very dangerous player in this game.

Next week it looks like things are going to heat up a little bit between the “Gorgeous Tarzan” and his blond admirer in the Healers group. And Chrissy is going to start shaking up the Heroes tribe by creating some alliances of her own.

I really enjoyed this season premiere and I am so excited to see how everything pans out. I hope you’ve enjoyed my overview of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and thank you for reading.

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