The Extraordinary Mothers of Star Wars

A lot of the great storylines in Star Wars revolves around family matters, from the whole father/son struggle between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to now the conflicts between Kylo Ren, formerly Ben Solo, and his parents. And even though it is the mothers that bring these characters into the world they’re not really celebrated or utilized into the weaving of these fantastic stories as much as they should. So I figure it’s only fair to write a post celebrating these extraordinary women who have had a huge but usually overlooked impact on these Star Wars films.

Shmi Skywalker Lars

databank_shmiskywalkerlars_01_169_7449f0a8 (1)

Shmi Skywalker Lars is barely memorable for her lack of involvement in the Star Wars films despite the fact that she’s literally the mother of Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader. Of course, there is a logical reason for her small role in The Phantom Menace. Jedi Younglings are taken away from their parents as young children to train to become a Jedi, so of course, she wouldn’t have a huge role in the movies but still, Shmi was just a boring character, and she shouldn’t be.

Shmi is the one who encouraged Anakin to follow his dream of becoming a Jedi. She could’ve easily selfishly held him back from his destiny but she loved him so much she did what she figured was right for him and the galaxy. If that doesn’t make her one of the most important characters in the Star Wars films then I don’t know what to say. And yes, she came to a rather dismal end due to the torturous devices of the Tusken Raiders but even at her final breath she still loved Anakin despite barely being able to recognize him. Shmi is a lot more important to the entire story of Star Wars than I think most people even realize.

Senator Padme Amidala


I’m going to admit, I’m not a huge Padme fan. Now I loved her in The Phantom Menace because she was strongminded, she wasn’t scared to pick a fight even if it was kind of suicidal, and she was everything a young queen of Naboo should be. And then George Lucas turned her into a semi-damsel in distress whose only purpose in the next two films was to be Anakin’s love interest. Despite the fact that she lacked so much substance in Episodes II and III she was a lot more instrumental to the whole fabric of things that were in the films than meets the eye.

She started, with the help of some other senators, the secret movement that eventually became the Rebel Alliance, all while juggling her pregnancy and her conflicting relationship with her troubled husband, Anakin Skywalker. That’s pretty extraordinary. And even at the height of her pregnancy she still traveled to Mustafar to try to convert Anakin back to the good side even though, unfortunately, he was too far gone. That definitely shows how strong she was and it explains why Princess Leia had so much strength at such a young age.

Lyra Erso


Lyra was only in Rogue One for the first seven minutes or so but her story was so elaborately written in the prequel novel, Catalyst, that now I completely understand her character’s desires and fears and Lyra is one of the strongest female characters in Star Wars.

She left her work as a geologist to be with Galen Erso, a shy scientist, and together they, with their newborn child, Jyn Erso, decided to help Galen’s old friend, Krennic, with a top secret project. While Galen worked day and night on the project Lyra became warier of Krennic by the day because she just knew something was wrong. If it wasn’t for her they would’ve never escaped to the secret planet, Lah’Mu, to prevent helping a project that would only destroy millions of lives. And even near the end of her life against all odds, she was willing to die to protect her family from the vicelike grip of the Empire. That sort of strength and willingness to do what’s right ultimately passed down to Jyn and ended up leading to the Death Star plans being stolen.

And finally Leia Organa

leia-bio-gallery-9_cb959279 (1)

Leia was already great as the princess of Alderaan but now not only is she the general of the Resistance but she’s also now a mother. Unfortunately, she’s the mother to Kylo Ren who is literally one of the leaders of the vicious First Order but that makes her storyline so much more interesting. I mean, that is quite a dynamic. She wants to, of course, rid the galaxy of the evil faction yet her son is a part of the terrifying movement. How does she feel about that? She asked Han to try to convince their son to come back home and you saw what happened, Han didn’t return. If she ever happens to see Kylo Ren again what will she do? I’m so excited to see if this plotline will be followed in The Last Jedi.

Well, this is my post about the mothers of Star Wars. It’s been fun to write and I hope it’s been fun for you to read. Of course, the stories in the Star Wars universe will only keep expanding and that means in the future there will definitely be more mothers to celebrate. In fact, we might eventually find out Rey’s mother and maybe we’ll even find out who Han’s mother is in the Han Solo movie, you just never know.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a beautiful day.


3 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Mothers of Star Wars”

  1. Hi Annlyel, I am hoping that in The Last Jedi we may see a great act from General Leia that will help prove your thoughts on Strong Mothers in Star Wars. It was stated that Carrie Fisher’s final bow was going to be very poignant and significant so it could be something very maternal (saving her son maybe?). And I apologise for not commenting earlier but I noticed I had hijacked your “Recent Comments” widget slightly and thought I should give everyone else a chance to have a say! Great post again.

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    1. I’m really hoping that there is a moment for Leia in The Last Jedi that is so powerful that it’ll just bring me to tears. If this is going to be her last moment to shine it should be a very moving moment. And thanks for the wonderful feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello again, I agree but either way Carrie’s appearance is going to be bitter sweet, however I owe it to her to see it. I wish I had discovered your blog sooner but WordPress’ Reader sometimes misses out sites that may be relevant to your search!

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