My Ten Favorite Planets in Star Wars

One of my favorite aspects of Star Wars are the locations. Whenever there’s a new planet I’m always excited to see what it’ll look like, such as the new planets in The Last Jedi, Crait and Cantonica. Throughout the Star Wars films, there have been many, many planets that I have found are absolutely incredible. So, on that note, here are my favorite planets.

10. Mustafar


Mustafar is one of the most original locations in Star Wars. The fact that it’s a moon that consists of only lava and volcanic rock makes this, undoubtedly, one of the coolest planets in Star Wars. And thanks to Rogue One, we now know that Darth Vader built his castle on the fiery world. That is a very awesome fact.

9. Jakku


When I first saw Jakku a few years ago I thought it was Tatooine, until more details for The Force Awakens revealed to me that the planet “Tatooine” was really just another sand planet called Jakku. So yes, it’s not the most original planet ever created but its history is so interesting that it actually has become one of my favorite planets. I love the vast junkyards of massive Star Destroyers, crashed X-wings, and Tie Fighters sprawled throughout the desolate wasteland. And the hardened culture of Jakku’s inhabitants also makes the planet a very interesting place in the galaxy. And the fact that it’s such a seemingly meaningless planet yet Emperor Palpatine was interested in this planet (a fact I found out from the Aftermath Trilogy,) Lor San Tekka decided to make Jakku his home and he was the man in possession of Luke’s location, and Rey was left on the desolate, sandy world of all places makes the mystery of Jakku all the more interesting.

8. Kamino


The Attack of the Clones is not a great Star Wars movie, not in the slightest, but Kamino is an absolutely wonderful planet that I just had to put on my list. The constant raining, the roiling oceans, and the strange alien cloners that live on this wildly unknown world make this a very fascinating location.

7. StarKiller Base


StarKiller Base was another one of the less original planets in the Star Wars universe but what makes this planet so uniquely fantastic is the fact that it has been created to become a superweapon and it housed the First Order in a far corner of the galaxy hidden from the eyes of the New Republic and the Resistance. I’m excited to see where the First Order’s new secret base will be located.

6. Takodana


Takodana is one of the beautiful planets in Star Wars. There are the lakes, the tall mountains, the lands covered in trees upon trees, it’s just a really pretty place. I love gorgeous locations and this is definitely one of them.

5. Jedha


Ever since I saw the giant fallen statues on Jedha I thought this was a very awesome moon. There’s so much lost history in this world. You’ve got the ancient Jedi Temples and the massive Jedi statues. This is another one of those moons that, like Jakku, is wildly relevant because of the incredible things that have happened there. And the fact that this world harbors kyber crystals makes it all the more special.

4. Scarif


One of my favorite aspects of Rogue One were the planets. They were original and had rather interesting ecosystems that I found very exciting to look at. Scarif is one of those planets. First off, it’s a simply gorgeous location. I love the ocean and the beach and so a planet that is one giant tropical paradise is very appealing to me. And secondly, the fact that the Empire had a secret base here is even more interesting. Until last year I didn’t even know this planet existed and the fact that it played such a huge part in the fight against the Empire. That is very exciting.

3. Naboo


Naboo is an absolutely stunning paradise. The buildings are gorgeously designed, the cities are magnificent, the forests are vast, the lakes are beautiful, and it’s just a pretty planet. The culture on Naboo also makes it such a magnificent place and I absolutely love the clothes and jewelry the people wear. If I was in Star Wars I would undoubtedly be a resident of Naboo.

2. Lah’Mu


This is one of the more fascinating planets in the galaxy. First of all, it’s just a simply magnificently gorgeous landscape. I love the dark sand or dirt or whatever it is, the tall rocky mountains covered in green grass, and the ocean. And secondly, it’s a real location that this planet was based on. That’s what makes this planet even more appealing. This world isn’t a CGI-created planet. It’s an actual location on Earth that they filmed these scenes and that is amazing.

1. Coruscant


Ever since I was a young child Coruscant has utterly fascinated me with its absolutely original topography. The fact that Coruscant is a planet covered entirely in massive skyscrapers is simply incredible and wildly imaginative. I love seeing all of the speeders flying through the air on invisible streets and the simply magnificent structures that make up the city that is Coruscant. When StarKiller Base blew up Hosnian Prime and its surrounding neighbors, which involves the beautiful planet, Coruscant, I was, and still am, kind of heartbroken. For so many years I looked at this planet in awe and now it’s gone in a bright flash of red. That’s really unfortunate and sad. But yeah, this is undoubtedly my favorite planet and it’s going to take a very, very amazing planet to overthrow it.

Well, these are my ten favorite planets. Now, this post will undoubtedly be updated after The Last Jedi because I already can tell that the new planets Crait, Cantonica, the home of the new gorgeous city, Canto Bight, and Ach-To, the secret hiding ground of the Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, are going to be on my list. Until then, however, I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have an absolutely wondrous day.


One thought on “My Ten Favorite Planets in Star Wars”

  1. An interesting choice of planets (but I see no Bespin City? Well I suppose it is just a gas cloud 🙂 ) Another one of your posts about Star Wars’ Coolest Vehicles brings me to name another quite nice starship, namely the J-Type Naboo Star Skiff. It is rather sleek and has a large crescent shaped wing just what I need to visit all these places!

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