My Review of The Mummy

This was another one of those movies I happened to miss this summer but I wasn’t too bummed about it, considering that the movie had received horrendous reviews. I figured that the movie couldn’t be too bad, especially with the fact that it starred Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise doesn’t make bad movies. In fact, I love all of his movies, except for the first Jack Reacher, but that’s a whole other story.

So I decided to watch The Mummy to see if it really was as bad as everyone said it was. And…at first…it was kind of interesting, storywise. Ahmanet was this Egyptian princess who was destined to become queen of Egypt but then her father had a son and so the little baby boy took her place as heir to the throne. So, to enact revenge, she sold her soul to the God of Death, Set, and became this evil death lady. She slit her father’s throat, killed her mother, and murdered their newborn son, and then to complete her mission, she needed to plunge this special dagger given to her by Set into the stomach of a man to bring the God of Death to life. But she was prevented from doing so, she was wrapped up like a mummy and buried alive in a casket, never to be found again.

So that was basically the prologue and then the movie started.

Now I usually have a spoiler alert warning because I want to help people out who haven’t seen the movie before but this movie was so bad that I would rather you know everything about the movie so you won’t waste any money or time on this film because it really was that terrible.

First of all, I think Tom Cruise is a great actor, in his own action hero way.


He’s great in the Mission Impossible series, he was superb in Edge of Tomorrow, but this role he took in The Mummy was just kind of an embarrassment. His character, Nick, was an arrogant jerk who cared more about making money than leaving the restless spirits alone. When he and his annoying friend, along with his somewhat girlfriend, Jenny, find a secret tomb they find a casket, which sure enough, happens to be the same casket that Ahmanet has been buried in. And so, a lot of strange things start happening. There’s a sudden sandstorm, Nick’s friend gets bitten by a spider which then turns him into an undead of sorts, a massive flock of ravens kills the pilots of the plane the excavators are in, and then Nick saves Jenny and Nick supposedly dies in the crash. But of course, he’s not dead because Ahmanet has chosen him to be the man she will sacrifice to bring the God of Death, Set to fruition.

And so the rest of the film is filled with creepy undeads Ahmanet has created by sucking the life out of her victims chasing people, Tom Cruise running everywhere, the Jenny lady being in the middle of everything, and short flashes filled with Ahmanet trying to woo Nick with soft kisses and Ancient Egyptian to join her evil cause.

Then there’s an intermission where Russel Crowe, who’s playing a doctor, shows up conveniently as the living encyclopedia on the world’s curses and evil beings.


And Jenny conveniently works for him, that’s why she’s always in the middle of stuff. Morton’s secret organization captures the mummy, Ahmanet, and Tom Cruise’s character, Nick, is told about his destiny and blah-blah-blah.

Then the Mummy got loose, the doctor is half monster or something like that if he doesn’t take this strange antidote and so he tried to kill Nick but was given the antidote and so he stopped being a madman. Then Nick and Jenny had to find The Mummy. So, long story short, Jenny ended up being drowned to death, Nick was sad about it, Ahmanet kept trying to force him to join her in her quest to bring Set to life. But then, because Nick was actually a good man instead of a jerk he sacrificed himself and plunged the special dagger into his own stomach and he became infused with the spirit of Set. Then he killed Ahmanet, scared Jenny back to life by hollering in her face with a frightening but not so frightening demon face, and then he vanished into smoke after talking to Jenny and basically telling he loved her.

And now he and his dead ghost friend are trying to find a cure to reverse their curses.

It was a really terrible movie. It was kind of an embarrassment to see Russel Crowe play such a terrible role. I mean, he’s an Oscar-winning actor, he’s Hollywood royalty, and yet the fact that he played such a terrible role in such a lame movie is rather embarrassing. And then Tom Cruise should also be embarrassed with this film. He tried to act like an arrogant jerk but he didn’t really pull it off that well. It’s definitely one of his worst performances, which is unfortunate.

My Conclusion of the Film


If you ever decide to watch this film I suggest you wait until it shows on HBO or Hulu or some other platform like that because it isn’t worth renting. The action was subpar, the characters weren’t great, and the story was very flat and slightly confusing. Now I will admit, this was definitely the scariest Mummy that’s been made. There were a few moments at the beginning of the film where I was a little afraid. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.

What would I give this movie you might ask? Well, I’m going to give it a 43 out of 100 and 2 out of five stars. Now is this the worst movie I’ve ever seen, no, but it did take me two days to watch it and it is the worst movie I’ve seen this year.

I hope this review has helped you in deciding if you want to watch this film or not and I thank you for reading. Have an absolutely fabulous weekend!

One thought on “My Review of The Mummy”

  1. I agree with you that the movie was bad, but I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone said. They just tried way to hard to build an entire universe off one movie rather than teasing little pieces throughout a bunch of movies.
    Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde was for me the best part of the film right after Jenny knocked out the thug with the Book of Life from the Brendan Fraiser Mummy movie.

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