My Thoughts After The Second Viewing of Wonder Woman

I watched Wonder Woman back in June and I loved it. I thought it was a great introduction to the Amazonian warrior and I thought it was a huge step in the right direction for the DC Universe. Wonder Woman was beautiful, smart, benevolent, powerful, everything that you would want Wonder Woman to symbolize and to be. The movie had its flaws but overall it was an enjoyable film.

So, Wonder Woman is now available to watch at home and I was excited to see it again. And I watched it hoping that it would be just as great as it was when I watched it in the movies. And for the most part, it was.

I absolutely loved the section of the movie when Diana was still at her home, Themyscira.


I mean who doesn’t love seeing a land where there are countless powerful women, of all colors, shapes, and sizes, in one place? It’s a girl’s dream to see something that powerful and epic and it involving only women. So the first portion of the film is hands down my favorite section of the movie but the movie still was rather enjoyable even after that.

I loved seeing the part where Wonder Woman crosses No Man’s Land again. That’s a very chill-inducing moment, but I will admit it was slightly drowned out by all of the slow motion.


That part is still one of the more satisfying parts of the movie because when the men tried to stop her from helping innocent civilians she refused to be held back. And she ended up saving the village nearly single-handedly. That’s how Wonder Woman roles.

I skipped the whole dancing and kissing scene because it wasn’t really necessary to the substance of the film. In fact, it was so unnecessary that when I did skip it the relationship between Diana and Steve barely seemed to change. They were acting as if nothing ever happened between them.

And so the movie went on and I was still enjoying the film. And then…the movie experience was utterly ruined by two sentences.


When Diana was in the middle of fighting Ares and Steve went to say goodbye to her out on the tarmac he said something that really upset me. He said to her, “I can save today. You can save the world.” Now to the casual viewer, this might seem like nothing but to me, I was practically livid as I watched the movie from that moment on. This is Wonder Woman’s origin story. This movie is supposed to highlight how she became a hero and found her inner strength etc. Yet him saying this undermines her in every way possible.

It’s basically saying that she wasn’t the real hero of this battle. Instead, he was the world’s saving grace and that is upsetting, considering that this is supposed to be a movie about Wonder Woman, not Steve Trevor. Can you imagine Superman in Man of Steel saving the world because Lois Lane hijacked Zod’s ship or something and died? No, that would never happen because she’s a woman. Women don’t get to be the heroes, even if you’re an Amazonian goddess for crying out loud. So after that moment, I watched the rest of the film in a bit of a funk.


Now I still love the movie’s message about love being stronger than hate and I did have fun watching Diana and Ares throw everything they had at each other throughout that final battle. It’s just annoying that at the end of the day it was Steve Trevor, a man, that made Diana discover who she was and not herself who found the inner strength to defeat Ares and save the world.

I still love Wonder Woman though and I can’t wait to see her in Justice League being beautiful and kicking villains’ booties at the same time but I will probably never watch the actual Wonder Woman movie again, except to maybe see the beach battle again. That part is downright epic.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts After The Second Viewing of Wonder Woman”

  1. Hi Annlyel, yes it is a shame that one line of dialogue could nearly derail the whole point of the movie, the establishment of a much needed Super Heroine. However I am glad to see you overlooked the sly attempt to undermine her status and embraced the messages of the Amazonian. I read somewhere on your blog you are a fan of lightsabers, well I actually design hilts as a hobby and have a Wonder Woman themed saber on my site, I will include a link below so you can take a look. And I am going to be posting another saber design soon that YOU will be interested in. Thanks for your post!
    Here’s the link:

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      1. Hi again, you are welcome and thanks for the kind words. And I believe your lightsaber would be pretty cool too, in fact I know it would be as I have designed one for you! I am just finishing polishing it now and it should be uploaded on Wednesday the 18th!

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