The Five Most Tear-Jerking Moments in Star Wars

So yesterday I watched Rogue One and it was fantastic, to say the least. But then as the credits were rolling I thought to myself, what are the moments in Star Wars that always brings a tear to my eye, from either the sheer happiness I feel for the moment or the immense sadness that the situation entails. Great Star Wars films are like emotional rollercoasters, that’s why they’re so enjoyable. There are certain times in the movies that can make me the happiest person on Earth while there are other moments that can literally leave me in a bath of tears. And so, here are the five instances in Star Wars that happen to always make me at least a little emotional.

5. Han Getting Frozen In Carbonite

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I love The Empire Strikes Back for so many reasons and one of those reasons is the fact that it does have so many emotional moments in the film. Now I’ve watched Episode 5 a whole bunch of times but this part still seems to make me a little teary. It’s just…so sad, and it has, even more, significance because now I know that he actually did end up dying later on through the movies. That makes this part all the more saddening.

4. Rey Leaves the Resistance To Find Luke


I don’t know why but when Rey says goodbye to Finn and Leia I always get very teary. I think the reason why that part always makes me so emotional is that you’ve taken this entire journey with Rey and now she’s realizing her destiny and it’s just a very sort of bittersweet yet powerful moment for her character. And the music too at that part, it’s the score that’s always associated with Princess Leia, it also helps pull at my tear ducts. It’s just, to me, a very powerful moment and it really makes me happy.

3. Rey Finding Luke


Ever since I first saw the end of The Force Awakens the first time it has always made me cry, and for good reason. First of all, it’s been over thirty years since Luke has been in a Star Wars movie and so to see him old and as a full-blown Jedi Master is rather astonishing and wonderful. Secondly, it’s such an emotional moment for Rey because, after all, that she had gone through she had finally reached Luke Skywalker and just to be in the presence of one so powerful and wise, you can see the awe plain on her face. And the music is just so perfect at that moment that I can’t help but shed a simple tear.

2. Cassian and Jyn Die


Rogue One is a brutal Star Wars film. It’s dark, it’s gritty, and it’s the one Star Wars movie where literally everyone on the poster, besides Darth Vader and the Death Star, ended up dying at the end. When Cassian and Jyn perish to the fiery might of the Death Star I can’t even hold back my tears. They just come flowing like water because it is a rather dismal end to the characters. I mean it’s already bad enough that by that point K-2SO, Baze and Chirrut, and Bodhi have died but to him have them die as well, and to have them watch as their doom approaches swiftly, it’s just devastating, to say the least. The last time I watched a movie where all of the main characters died it was Glory and I haven’t watched that movie since because I cried way too hard. This movie is the Glory of Star Wars.

1. And last but not least…when Han Dies


This part, even after nearly two years, has never gotten easier to watch. It’s funny because I know it’s coming but just the sheer awfulness of what Kylo Ren did to his own father is still hard to stomach. Han Solo is an iconic figure in the history of film and so I guess it’s still shocking to see that LucasFilm would kill him off in such an unsavory way. I mean, every time I watch Kylo Ren ram that fiery red lightsaber through him it feels like a part of me has slightly died along with Han Solo. I remember when I saw it in the movies for the first time. I remember covering my mouth and whimpering because that’s how awful it was to see Han Solo die. I didn’t like Kylo Ren very much after that.

And so yeah, this is the part that even to this day has me still wiping my eyes.

I’m excited to see if there will be any emotional moments in The Last Jedi. I’m sure when Luke sees Chewbacca that might make me tear up a bit, or even when he sees Leia if he does see her, I know for a fact that will start the waterworks. I’m just hoping that The Last Jedi won’t be a Rogue One of sorts and a whole lot of characters I like will end up dying. That’ll be very unfortunate and sad.

Well, this is my post for today. If all goes according to rumor there will be a new trailer for The Last Jedi tomorrow which is slightly unfathomable. If there is a new trailer tomorrow I’m going to be the happiest woman on Earth. Until then I thank you for reading this post and May the Force Be With You.

4 thoughts on “The Five Most Tear-Jerking Moments in Star Wars”

  1. The prequels get a lot of (well-deserved) flak, but one of the great things about The Phantom Menace was Liam Neeson and the character Qui-Gon Jinn. Like Obi-wan in the original film, Qui-gon served the role of learned mentor in Ep1 but his death was more significant for me. First, Obi-wan was old and seemed like he was about done anyway. He even surrendered to the death blow. Qui-gon seemed like he had a lot more to do, more potential for the future of the story. Add to that his quite sudden death, and that we are given no chance to grieve. Luke stands around screaming for a long while, as a battle rages around him. But young Obi-Wan is in the middle of lightsaber fight with the sith that just outmatched his master; there was no time to let emotions get in the way, he had to focus. And like the character, the audience isn’t given a moment to be sad. It is not a sad moment, it is angry. We want Darth Maul to get what is coming to him. I find the complexity of that moment to be much more compelling than many of the melodramatic “sad” scenes in the saga.

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  2. Hello again, I too felt that Qui-Gon was taken from us too early and had a lot more potentially he could have done (I was also saddened by this as some people have told me I have a passing likeness to Qui-Gon!)
    But I have to say the moment that affected me most recently was actually the “death” of K2-SO! I am not the most emotional of viewers but seeing the scene on Scarif when he defended Jyn and Cassian from the Stormtroopers really hit me. When he was laid on the floor and he looked up, as if looking for hope, then as he slumped down his eyes fading to black….that felt sooo human it hurt.
    Then of course Rogue One came to it’s conclusion and you know what happened.

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  3. I totally agree with you on the scene in Empire Strikes Back when Han gets frozen in carbonite—one of the “all-time great” scenes in Star Wars, but sad. However, one scene that is very emotional to me is when Yoda dies in ROTJ. And before he goes he tells Luke “when gone am I, the last of the jedi you will be”—that gives me goosebumps everytime

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    1. Thanks for commenting on my blog and the great insight. Yoda survived the genocide of the Jedi, he survived his fight with Emperor Palpatine, and so at least he died knowing that there was still at least one person left to continue the legacy of the Jedi.


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