These Teasers for The Last Jedi Trailer Will Get You Pumped

So, as you may know, the new trailer for The Last Jedi is going to debut tonight during the halftime of Monday Night Football and to get us all hyped LucasFilm has some pretty exciting teasers to satiate Star Wars’ fans excitement until tonight. Take a look.

There are so many things that are awesome about this teaser and it isn’t really showing anything! I mean, it’s just Rey training with her lightsaber but that’s the point. It’s Rey! When I see Rey I get so excited. And her practicing with her lightsaber means that when she sees Kylo Ren again she won’t be as unfamiliar with the ancient weapon as she was in The Force Awakens. And that means that the next lightsaber duel is going to be ten times as epic! Oh my gosh, I’m excited.

And then here’s the second teaser for tonight’s trailer.

This is my favorite teaser simply because first off, you can’t go wrong when you have a shot involving Kylo Ren in it. And, if you look closely in the background, you can see two Praetorian Guards standing against that intense red backdrop. And secondly, we now know, for a fact, due to this teaser, that Rey did give Luke his lightsaber. The question is, what happens after that? I’m thrilled to find out.

Another thing that really stood out to me from this teaser was, in fact, that shot of Kylo Ren picking up his lightsaber. The abstract colors between the bold red of the background and the deep black of Kylo Ren’s glove and lightsaber, you don’t really see that sort of avant-garde look when it comes to Star Wars. One of my favorite things to observe about a movie is its cinematography and it looks like Rian Johnson is going for some really strong imagery for this Star Wars movie. And I am totally down for that.

Yesterday Rian Johnson did happen to tweet about the new Last Jedi trailer. Here’s what he had to say.

This tweet from Rian Johnson is very interesting. Judging from this tweet this new trailer for The Last Jedi is going to have something in it so mind-boggling that we, as Star Wars fans, are going to lose it. But we’re also going to lose a little bit of that surprise factor too that we could’ve saved for when we see the movie on December 15th. Now, I’m a trailer person so this tweet is not going to keep from watching the trailer tonight but for any of you who might want to stay in the dark about the movie, I felt that it was only fair to give you this spoiler alert of sorts.

Well, I thank you for reading this post. As I’m sure you can guess I am ecstatic about tonight. Tomorrow I will definitely be writing a post about the new trailer and all of its little details so make sure you check it out. You won’t want to miss it. Until then I hope you have a wonderful Monday and the May the Force Be With You.

The Last Jedi trailer’s tonight! Yes!


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