My In-Depth Analysis of The Last Jedi Trailer

So during the halftime of Monday Night Football The Last Jedi debuted a new trailer and it was absolutely…positively incredible. Now it’s the next day and after watching the trailer seven times, yes seven times, I have been able to reflect on the trailer’s many awesome clips and what they mean to the overall story of this movie. And, so with no further delay, I am going to talk about all of the trailer’s details. Enjoy!

So, I’ve seen this trailer I think three more times since I’ve started this post and I’m still discovering new tidbits and revelations. There are going to be countless theories coming out of this trailer but here’s what I took away from this trailer.

Kylo Ren


There’s a lot going down with Kylo Ren in this new trailer. First of all, I love that they showcased his piloting skills in the trailer. That part of the trailer always makes we whoop with excitement.

Secondly, it looks like he’s still going to be just as confused and conflicted as he was in The Force Awakens. Maybe even more so actually. That portion of the trailer where it kept jumping back and forth between him and Leia, that was an interesting part of the trailer for so many reasons. First off, we all know he didn’t have much love for his father, Han Solo, but the way he feels about Leia, that’s a whole other story. In the Star Wars novel Bloodline, it showcases that Leia had a bond with him through the Force while he was still in her womb. She understands him better than anybody can and so that moment in the trailer is powerful. He can feel her, she can feel him, the question is, will he pull that trigger and show that he truly is one with the dark side or is that small bit of the light within him going to prevent from committing such a terrible act?

Now, I’m guessing this is during the battle over D’Qar, which would most likely be in the beginning, and so I know for certain she’s not going to die, especially when they show a shot of her later on in the trailer on what looks like Crait. That means that maybe Kylo Ren didn’t perform that evil deed? Or maybe he did. I’ll have to wait and see.

And third, I really think Kylo Ren is going to turn somewhat good in this film. There’s just too much imagery of him looking conflicted and that final shot with him extending his hand to someone. I’m pretty certain that he’s not extending his hand to Rey, at least not in the way they put it together in the trailer. He might be reaching out to Leia, or maybe it is Rey, just under different circumstances. Whatever the case, his story is still being held under a shroud of mystery and I pretty much won’t find out the truth until I see it in the movies.



Rey’s journey, judging from this trailer, is not going to get any easier, not in the slightest. She’s obviously got so much power with the Force that even Luke is scared of her and that is astonishing. I mean, she can cause the rock to crack just while meditating. That’s crazy! Once again I’m faced with the question, who is Rey? How do you get this powerful without being related to someone just as gifted with the Force?

And what is Snoke doing to her at the end of the trailer?!


You can tell this is later on in the film because she has her new Jedi outfit and hairstyle. So why is she in Snoke’s throne room (it’s definitely Snoke’s throne room because you can see the Praetorian Guards in the background?) Did she try to fight him and he was so much more powerful than her that he overwhelmed her and began torturing her half to death? Seeing her bent backward like that legitimately frightens me. Could Rey possibly die in this film? A year ago I would’ve never thought that as a possibility but the last two Star Wars films have not been kind to their characters. Han Solo died a dismal death in The Force Awakens and everyone died in Rogue One. Who says Rey may not come to a miserable end in The Last Jedi. If that happens I am probably going to cry my eyes out.



Even though they only showed two shots of Finn in the trailer (I think he stole the show by the way) I know one thing about the ex-stormtrooper. He is coming back with a vengeance. This is not the goofy, sweet, cuddly Finn of old. This Finn is a lot more serious looking. Now the only thing about the shots they chose for him in the trailer is it’s a very stark contrast between him in this trailer and the last teaser trailer. In the teaser, the only thing we saw with him was him asleep in a bacta tank. And then we come to this trailer and he’s literally fighting Captain Phasma with one of those electric baton thingies. I think that clip of him fighting the First Order captain was just a service to fans because we all wanted to see a rematch between the two. Now the second clip of him is a lot more interesting, simply because, from the way he’s walking and his very angry looking expression he’s either being captured or something else.

The main thing I happened to notice however is that they showed so little of Finn. For some reason, they’re keeping his story very under wraps and that is very interesting. What is he going to be doing that’s so telling that they won’t even show it in the trailer? In this trailer, if you look closely, it looks like he’s wearing a First Order officer uniform, which fits with the rumors and the behind-the-scenes clip that says he’ll be, POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT! going undercover in the First Order along with Rose. This trailer seems to confirm that. I can’t wait to find out if that’s true or not.

Now each trailer for The Last Jedi so far seems to have a theme. The teaser trailer mainly focused on Rey. This new trailer seemed to focus highly on Kylo Ren and Rey’s story in the film and showing how they’re connected in some sort of strange way. Maybe the next trailer, if there is another trailer, will focus more on Finn’s side of the story and the Resistance.

The Overall Trailer


First of all, for me, this was hands down the best Star Wars trailer I have ever seen. Now I haven’t seen the trailers for the original trilogy but compared to the trailers for the prequels and even The Force Awakens and Rogue One this new trailer blows them out of the water.

Secondly, the music was absolutely perfect. It was rumored that John Williams had made specific music for the trailer and I totally believe that he did. Only John Williams can make music that epic!

Third, I’m loving the visuals. The snow foxes, the shot of the Gorilla Walkers and Kylo Ren’s shuttle, Rey walking through the fog to what looks like the rumored Force Tree, an overhead shot of Kylo Ren walking through a cave of some kind ahead of a patroon of stormtroopers. I mean, the movie is not only going to be fantastic but it’s also going to be visually stunning.

Fourth, the action is going to be out of this world. That’s all I have to say about that.

And finally, what I loved most about this trailer was that even though it showed so many tantalizing things I still have no idea what’s going on. I know for a fact that the arrangement of nearly everything in the trailer isn’t going to happen the same way in the film and that means that this trailer was just 2 minutes and 34 seconds of trickery. And they also happened to not show any of the new characters or Canto Bight. I applaud that because I don’t want to know what the movie is going to be about. I just want the trailer to show me epic stuff, and they did that 100%.

I’m sure there are going to be more facts that I’ll gage from this trailer but I’ll leave it at this…for now. When I do come up with another revelation I’ll definitely post about it.

I thank you for reading this very long post about the new trailer and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.


7 thoughts on “My In-Depth Analysis of The Last Jedi Trailer”

  1. Hello again, interesting break down of the trailer. I’m glad you noticed Kylo spinning his TIE Silencer just like Anakin did in his Starfighter as a kid above Naboo (more evidence of Kylo’s fixation with Anakin/Vader).
    Thanks for a great read and MTFBWY!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you might remember Anakin also performed a great aerial maneuver in Episode III as he spun his Jedi starfighter in the Batte over Coruscant in an effort to escape the tracking missiles. Kylo Ren is totally Anakin’s grandson!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good call young Padawan, an observation worthy of a Master! (I had forgotten that move, he spirals so the missiles collide with each other and not his ship…right?) And speaking of worthy I am just about to upload your “new saber”. I shall post the link in my next comment and I hope you like it!

        Liked by 1 person

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