My In-Depth Analysis of The Last Jedi Trailer: Part Two

Yesterday I wrote a post about The Last Jedi trailer and now after seeing it eleven times I’m getting, even more, revelations for the film. In my earlier post I talked about Kylo Ren, Rey, and Finn but today I’m going into a little more detail about Luke Skywalker, Snoke, and just exactly what this trailer might be telling us about this new movie. So, with no further delay, let me get to it.

On October 9th Star Wars fans, including me, lost their minds momentarily over the new trailer for The Last Jedi due to all of the impressive money shots and the shocking end. But after two days and allowing the trailer to soak in I can look at the trailer with a clear mind and there are so many diversions and possible clues this trailer is providing it’s incredible. So, let me start talking about the new revelations I’ve gotten from this trailer.

Luke Skywalker


Luke has got a lot of stuff to deal with in this new movie. Luke fled to this island for a reason. He failed to keep his nephew from turning to the Dark Side and destroying his new Jedi Order and he’s tired of it all. And then here comes Rey, this unbelievably powerful young woman who just seems to have materialized out of thin air. In the trailer when she cracks the ground during meditating, he says he’s seen that type of raw strength only once before. Now I know that the trailer might be trying to trick people by showing his robot hand bursting out of a pile of wood, insinuating that Kylo Ren was the one who destroyed his temple, but I really think he’s talking about Kylo Ren when he says he’s only seen that raw strength once before.

A lot of people think he’s talking about Emperor Palpatine when he was electrocuted nearly to death back in Episode 6 but I don’t think he would call that raw strength. I think he would describe what Palpatine did as raw power, not strength. So, if Kylo Ren was the only other person Luke had seen with this type of strength with the Force then that starts making the connection between Rey and Kylo Ren palpable. If they both are Force-Wielders unlike Luke, or even, Snoke had ever seen that means that their destinies are undoubtedly intertwined in some sort of way.

And now, here’s another thing I happened to notice with Luke. Near the end of the trailer, they show Luke lying on the ground wet and saying to somebody angrily, “This is not going to go the way you think.” Now if you look at the area he’s in there’s rock and it’s dark and he’s wearing what looks like a poncho of sorts. That looks like the same area that’s seen later in the trailer where Rey is coming out of the water in a cave and she sees Luke amidst a fog tinted by red. This is very interesting because first of all why is the fog red? Red is associated with the Dark Side so…. And then if the two clips are from the same location then what is Rey doing that would make Luke say, “This is not going to go the way you think.” And why is he on the ground saying this? Has Rey attacked him? Is Rey conceding to the Dark Side? This trailer has sprouted so many questions in my mind.


snoke_72696f58 (1)

Snoke has only one shot in the trailer but it’s enough. His face is even more grotesque in plain view and it’s official that he’s got the Force and that he’s quite powerful. The question I ended up having after the trailer involving Snoke is who is he talking to throughout the trailer? At times it seems like he’s talking about Kylo Ren but I think he’s really talking about Rey the whole time. And when he says at the end of the trailer, “Fulfill your destiny.” He really is talking to her at that point because you can see his mouth moving. So why is he so interested in her and what does he mean by her fulfilling her destiny?

I believe that he wants to transfer his essence into a vessel of sorts and Rey is the perfect tool for that. Rey is powerful, she’s young, and I think Snoke is going to dump Kylo Ren and take her in as his new choice to hold his essence. If I’m right about this then that’s frightening because that means Rey could be in some serious trouble in this next film.

My Conclusion of the Trailer


This trailer, undoubtedly, is throwing so many diversions. I remember after The Force Awakens official trailer was released I just knew Finn was the series’ new Jedi. Come to find out it was actually Rey who ended up going to find Luke at the end of the movie. So this trailer is totally not showing the real story of this film. But the question is, why would they end the trailer showing Kylo Ren extending his hand to supposedly Rey? Of course, this might be the ultimate diversion but why would they even insinuate Rey and Kylo Ren coming together if it wasn’t true in some sort of way? LucasFilm is great at giving the fans nuggets while still not revealing any plot twists for the film and I’m just excited to see what’s going to happen in the movie.

This trailer is also very dire. There aren’t any fun looking moments within this trailer. There’s just a lot of seriousness, sadness, confusion, fear, and in the midst of that, a whole lot of action. If this trailer is the tone of the film then that means The Last Jedi is definitely going to be one of the more serious installments in the franchise.

Whatever happens, I’m ecstatic and I know this Star Wars film is going to really shake up the story that we’ve grown up with and change it, hopefully for the better. This trailer has also completely erased the idea that this movie will be a rehash of Empire Strikes Back. The Last Jedi is going to be an amazing, original Star Wars film and I can’t wait to see it.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a lovely day. May The Force Be With You.

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