The Porgs Are Stealing Everybody’s Hearts in the New Last Jedi Trailer

I’m one of those Star Wars fans that doesn’t like Ewoks very much. Ewoks destroy my brain. They’re not cute. They’re just very annoying teddy bears with sticks and rocks. So when I heard that there would be these cute creatures called Porgs living on the planet, Ach-To, with Luke I was excited and skeptical. I’m totally cool with cute new creatures in Star Wars but the question was, would these Porgs be the new Ewoks.

When the behind-the-scenes clip debuted this July I got my first close up look at the Porgs and I was pleasantly surprised.


The Porg looked very, very adorable and I was confident that these new alien creatures wouldn’t be the bane of my existence like the Ewoks are. And so then Entertainment Weekly had a special spread on The Last Jedi back in August and it gave me another look at the Porgs.


And from this picture, I didn’t think the Porg looked that cute. In fact, I was starting to get skeptical again about this new alien addition to this new Star Wars film. I mean, the thing looks like a hamster with wings, if I’m being honest. So yes, I was starting to kind of not like the Porgs very much.

Then this Monday the new trailer for The Last Jedi debuted and it gave me a full look at the Porg and I have to say, I think it’s kind of adorable.


For the entire history of Star Wars, there hasn’t been another furry companion beside Chewbacca to aid the heroes of the movies and so the fact that it looks like one of the Porgs has come along for the ride is really cute. It’s also kind of sweet if you really think about it.

Chewbacca has lost his best buddy, Han Solo, and so I can only imagine how much grief he’s having to deal with in the midst of all this mess. And then he finds a new friend in the version of a cute Porg to help him cope with the loss of his best friend. I find that very touching and I’m excited to see Chewbacca’s relationship with the furry creatures in the movie.

I’m glad to see Rian Johnson incorporating a lighter element in the movie because judging from the trailer The Last Jedi is going to be very dire and serious and so I think we’ll need that sort of levity the Porgs will undoubtedly provide.

I thank you for reading my post about Star Wars’ new cuties and I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful day.



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