My Favorite Part of The Last Jedi Trailer

It’s the last day of the week and this has been a great week for Star Wars fans. The Last Jedi trailer debuted this Monday and I’m still losing my mind over it. There were so many fantastic shots in that trailer that it’s pretty much a perfect trailer, but there is one section of the trailer that happens to always make my heart thrum with excitement and I am here to talk about it. Enjoy!

What I loved the most about this trailer is that it happened to surprisingly showcase a lot of footage involving Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren is such an interesting, complex character and I love that this trailer showed that this next Star Wars film is going to continue evolving his story.


In The Force Awakens, Ben Solo hid behind his mask because he was insecure about himself. Now he’s seemed to kind of realized his full power and he no longer is trying to be a Darth Vader wannabe anymore. That is so exciting.


Secondly, ever since I saw the new variation of the infamous Tie Fighter, the Tie Silencer, and I found out that Kylo Ren was the pilot of this new ship I was ecstatic. But I had no idea that the new trailer would highlight him flying his ship, like the ultimate pro I might add. I was shocked and utterly thrilled to see those amazing clips of him flying the Tie Silencer. That really happened to be my favorite part of the trailer.


And another reason why this was my favorite portion of the trailer is because it showcased a confrontation between General Leia and her son, Kylo Ren. I was so hoping this would happen and even if they don’t see each other face to face at least they will have crossed paths mentally. Who knows, maybe at this part she’s talking to him in his head? That would be awesome.

This is also a very important moment because let’s say Kylo Ren doesn’t push that trigger. That means that he still does have the light, and that is exciting in itself. I’m so ready for The Last Jedi…it’s going to be so good.

What was your favorite part of the trailer? Did you happen to love seeing the showdown between Finn and Phasma or did the first sighting of the Porgs make you melt? Or did the end of the trailer with Kylo Ren outstretching his hand just send you into a frenzied stupor like it did for me? I would love to know your thoughts.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.


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