My Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming

I’ve just recently watched Spider-Man: Homecoming and this is what I have to say about it. This movie. Was. Amazing!!! Marvel really outdid themselves with this Spider-Man film. I had seen nearly every trailer, I had seen all of the tv spots and advertisements, but I never imagined that this movie would be as good as it was.


Spider-Man is a fan favorite, and for good reason. He’s a nerdy kid who obtained outstanding abilities from a radioactive spider and ended up becoming an incredible superhero who saves his hometown from all sorts of diabolical villains. Spider-Man is so famous that even way before I knew anything about the difference between Marvel and DC Comics I knew who Spider-Man was.

There used to be this DVD I would watch, it was a cartoon called The Amazing Spider-Man, and I would watch it all of the time. There was Dr. Octopus, my favorite Spider-Man villain, the Green Goblin, and a whole bunch of other sinister villains. I loved it. I didn’t, at that time, know any other superheroes except for Superman and Batman. And even though I wanted to watch the actual Spider-Man movies I never could because there was just way too much suck facing in those films.

And then Sony just recently made two new Spider-Man films starring Andrew Garfield as the wall-climbing superhero and they weren’t that great. I only saw the second one with Jamie Foxx as the villain and while I did like Spider-Man the rest of the movie was terrible.

Then in 2016 Marvel partnered with Sony and a new Spider-Man was born.


Tom Holland is clearly the greatest version of Spider-Man that’s been made so far. He actually looks like a kid, he acts like you would imagine a kid superhero to act like, and he’s adorable. When he made his debut in Captain America: Civil War I already loved him. He was funny and he totally embodied what I imagined Spider-Man to be.

Then this year he got his own standalone film and I was excited but skeptical. I knew he had passed all of the tests during his debut in Civil War but would he be able to hold his own throughout an entire film? And, according to the trailers, it seemed like Iron Man was going to have a slightly substantial role throughout the film so was Spider-Man going to be able to shine against the likes of Robert Downey Jr’s charismatic Tony Stark?

I’m glad to say that Spider-Man didn’t need any other superheroes to drop in and make the movie interesting. The movie was perfect literally from start to finish.

SPOILER ALERT! I’m about to start talking about the film’s plot twists and situations and so if you would like to stay in the dark about the film I advise you to discontinue reading this now. I thank you for reading this warning and I hope you enjoy the rest of the review.

The Story



Marvel isn’t notorious for their stories when it comes to their movies. Iron Man was good but the story wasn’t great, Thor’s origin story was terrible, Captain America’s origin story was decent but eventually turned flat, Ant-Man’s movie was just awash in corny cliches, bad characters, and too much humor, and Doctor Strange was a great film but had a derivative plot based off of the first Iron Man film. Guardians of the Galaxy, up until this point, was the best origin story Marvel had made so far.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were a bunch of crooks and assassins, simply unwanted individuals in the universe, but after they managed to gain a conscience they ended up saving the galaxy from a lunatic with an infinity stone, Ronan, and thus you have the Guardians of the Galaxy.

But now Spider-Man clearly has the best origin film so far. Spider-Man: Homecoming is about Peter Parker trying to prove himself to Tony Stark that he can be an Avenger but, of course, he’s just a kid, so he isn’t given the chance to shine like he wants. When some strange activity starts happening around his hometown, Queens, he ends up going after an illegal weapons dealer, Michael Keaton’s Mr. Toomes, to stop the underground group from continuing their illegal dealings.

I loved Spider-Man’s evolvement throughout the film. At the beginning of the movie, he was your typical fifteen-year-old, besides the fact that he’s Spider-Man. He goes to high school, he’s got a best buddy, Ned, who hangs out with him every day, he gets slightly bullied at school, and he’s got a secret crush on the most popular girl at school.

By the end of the film though he’s a full-blown superhero. At one point Mr. Toomes, a.k.a The Vulture drops a building on Spider-Man. At that point, Spider-Man (unlike Wonder Woman but that’s a whole other topic) has to find the inner strength to push himself out from underneath the rubble. It’s his coming-of-age moment in the movie and I find it very impactful.

When we see Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War he’s not going to be the same boy who was on the tarmac in Civil War. This is going to be a much tougher rendition of Spider-Man and I am ecstatic.

Of course, at the end, Spider-Man was able to stop The Vulture and get him arrested. This led him to being welcomed by Tony Stark as the newest member of the Avengers.

MV5BMjIwMTE3NzUzM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODMxMzY4MTI@._V1_ I loved this part of the film because it’s still kind of unfathomable. Spider-Man as an Avenger! That is so awesome. And then Tony Stark showed him his new suit.


Isn’t this the most beautiful Spider-Man suit you’ve ever seen? Like I said earlier in the post, Marvel has outdone themselves with this new Spider-Man film. I’m pretty sure Peter Parker will wear this in Infinity War and I can’t wait.

So, yes, the story was pretty impeccable. Everything that happened was realistic, the timing was perfect, and it all led to a rather satisfying ending.

The Characters

Marvel isn’t known to have the best side characters if they’re not superheroes of any kind, but Spider-Man: Homecoming really did a great job at making every individual interesting and important to the story.

The High School Students


I’m not a big fan of teenage-centric movies. In fact, the only movies I like with teenagers as the main characters are the Harry Potter films and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Besides that Spider-Man: Homecoming is the only other movie that I have enjoyed that focuses on teenagers.


There was Peter’s best friend, Ned, who I thought was an absolutely perfect person to have as Peter’s accomplice throughout the film.


Disney star Zendaya plays Michelle, a nonchalant, grumpy girl who seems to act like she doesn’t care about anything throughout the film and yet she has a secret crush on Peter the entire time.


And then there’s Liz, the popular girl that Peter likes so much. Her character is great because she’s a smart, independent girl who isn’t completely caught up in Peter the whole time. He’s the one ogling after her through most of the movie.

And then there are the other high school students that are in the movie and all of them are just as important to the story, even if it’s minor.

Tony Stark


If you were, like me, worried that there might be too much Iron Man in this film then don’t. Tony Stark’s presence is felt throughout the film but he only makes tangible appearances four times in the movie. Tony Stark is truly the mentor in this film and it’s nice to see the character in a different light. Tony has been around for so long that it does, in fact, feel like he’s the master and all of these new heroes are just his apprentices.

That was another aspect I loved about the film. They could’ve easily overdone it with the involvement of Iron Man but Spider-Man didn’t need any aid from the Marvel legend to keep viewers interested in the movie and that’s important.

Aunt May


Aunt May, surprisingly, didn’t have that much of a presence in this film but it makes sense. This is a movie about Spider-Man and a lot of the things Peter is doing isn’t at home so why would she be in the movie a lot. The fact that the movie ended with her finding out that Peter Parker was Spider-Man is so hilarious, and genius, that I just can’t wait to see what she’ll do in Infinity War.

Mr. Toomes/The Vulture


Michael Keaton is already a great actor and he did not disappoint with his portrayal of The Vulture. Marvel isn’t known for having the best villains in the world. In fact, most of their movies have either subpar to downright horrendous villains, but it seems that lately, they’re trying to change that narrative. The Vulture was, for me, hands down the best villain so far.

He was believable, realistic, and he wasn’t your typical mwraa-haa-haa villain. His motives were clear and relatable. He became a criminal because he wanted to provide for his family, simple as that, but when his livelihood was being messed with by Peter he became ruthless when he needed to be.

And he wasn’t evil. He just wasn’t going to get caught by the feds. I like that this movie continued the legacy of Spider-Man villains because if The Vulture had been equal to someone like, say, Ronan the Conqueror from Guardians of the Galaxy that would’ve been unfortunate.

The Humor


Marvel is notorious for melding incredible action and seriousness in their films while still retaining that comedic aspect of the film and Spider-Man: Homecoming did this perfectly.

The humor was impeccably spot on. And there were so many hilarious moments throughout the film that I watched the movie a second time and saw jokes I happened to miss from the first time. This movie will have you cracking up from literally the beginning to the end.

The Action


The action was okay, I mean it’s as good as you’re going to expect from a Spider-Man film. There weren’t any chill-inducing action scenes like sometimes Captain America films can give me but the action isn’t bad. If you’re wanting to watch Spider-Man because you want to see an action film this movie doesn’t fit in that category. There’s a lot more story going on compared to just senseless explosions and mind-blowing car chases that action films usually have.

My Conclusion of the Film


Overall Spider-Man: Homecoming is nearly a perfect movie. I love the diversity in the film, I love the movie’s humor and tone, I love Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. He is literally the Spider-Man I always imagined. I love the music for the movie. I enjoyed the story. This movie’s only fault is that after a certain point in the film it can start to feel like the movie’s just dragging on, that’s how much content there is in this movie. I mean the last thirty to twenty minutes seems to to be a tad rushed because there is so much in the film that you can tell the writers wanted to get the movie over very quickly.

What would I rate this movie? I’ll give it a 96 out of a 100 and 4.7 out 5 stars. It’s not 100% perfect but it’s pretty close. Tomorrow I’m going to see where I place it amongst the other top Marvel films and so you won’t want to miss that.

Also, if you have young children that like superhero films this is the perfect movie to show them. You don’t have to worry about anything inappropriate in this film. There’s no kissing, no shrewd jokes, and the violence isn’t too intense. It’s the most kid-friendly Marvel movie to date and I think it’s worth watching every bit of the film.

I thank you for reading my review and I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful day.




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  1. Thank you Annlyel, I have to go and see this movie! Back in the 80’s (I’m really old LOL!) I was given a hardback Annual copy of the Spider-Man comics and the story in it is the one described in this film. This story in the Annual was the reason for me getting hooked on Spidey, real artwork, emotional content and the birth of the confident “Web-Slinger” (IIRC the story comes from “If This Be My Destiny” story in the comics issues #31-33)

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