A Surprise Change of Tribes Makes Survivor Worth Watching Again

The last three episodes of Season 35 of Survivor have been subpar. The tribal councils have been predictable, the situations have been boring, but this week changed all of that as soon as the three tribes had to switch teammates.

I loved the dynamics that the new tribes ended up having. The lovebirds, Jennifer and Cole, ended up still being on the same tribe. Ashley and Alan, ended up being tribemates which is hilarious considering the previous blowup Alan did in episode one when he exposed Ashley and J.P for supposedly having an idol. And Ryan and Chrissy ended up on the same tribe which is super convenient considering that Ryan was the one who gave her that special advantage in the first episode.

So, I loved the tribes’ shakeup and I was excited to see what new alliances would sprout from this switch up.

One of the best portions of the episode was when Jennifer told Cole about her secret advantage and he went and blabbered it to everyone else in the tribe. It was shocking and kind of ridiculous. I slightly felt sorry for Jennifer when Mike came over and told her that the other tribemates knew she had a secret advantage. Here she was falling for this guy on the island just to get played. She better keep her secrets to herself from now on.

The immunity challenge was fun to watch but I have to say I was hoping the blue tribe would lose because Joe ended up on that tribe. That means there would undoubtedly be some idol action happening at tribal council.

I was stunned when Joe lied to Devan about Ashley and Alan wanting to vote him out. Devan ended up finding out that it was a lie and so it all came crashing down back on Joe.


Before tribal council, Joe wanted to talk about who he wanted to get voted out that night. That led to an argument which further led into the tribal council.


I was so excited to see how things would play out. Devan, the swing vote, was given the secret advantage by Jennifer on the red tribe. Joe and Dezzie were on the chopping block, Ashley and Alan were also on the chopping block, and Joe had the immunity idol. What would happen?!

When it came time to vote Devan brought out his secret advantage and I was watching everything transpire wide-eyed. Then he found out the secret advantage prevented him from voting. OHHH!!!! That’s the ultimate twist that’s never happened before in Survivor.

So the tribe voted and it was time for Jeff to read the votes…but Joe used his idol on…himself. At first, I thought he was being super selfish but then he really was the one Ashley and Alan had gone after. So Alan ended up being the one voted off and now I’m ecstatic to see what happens next week.

Survivor is a fantastic show and it’s always disappointing when a season isn’t good. I’m glad to see that this season is turning out to be worth watching.

Thank you for reading my overview and I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

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