The Ten Coolest Weapons in Star Wars

From lightsabers to crossbows to sniper rifles and handheld blasters Star Wars has a vast array of different weapons throughout the films. So I’m here to write about my ten favorite weapons in Star Wars and I hope you enjoy.

10. Electrostaff


One thing I loved from the prequels were the weapons General Grievous’s Magnaguards used. I’m a fan of staves and so these electrostaves were incredible to me, especially with the fact that they were able to repel attacks from a weapon as powerful as a lightsaber. These are definitely some of my favorite weapons in Star Wars.

9. Jyn Erso’s Blastech A-180 Blaster


There are many different types of blasters in Star Wars but this blaster really differentiated itself because of its versatility and the fact that it can turn into a close-range weapon. I haven’t seen any blasters that can do that so this is definitely one of my favorite weapons.

8. Rey’s Quarterstaff


To live in the desolate junk world of Jakku you have to be resourceful and Rey is every bit of that. I love her quarterstaff because it’s so crude and junky looking. The strips of cloth keeping parts of it together, the metal pieces, it’s fascinating and it kind of shines a light on who Rey really is. She’s a survivor and this weapon speaks that in volumes.

7. Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber

luke-skywalkers-lightsaber-rotj_8989c019 (1)

There are many Jedi in the Star Wars universe and each Jedi has a unique lightsaber crafted by them. I happen to like the simplicity of Luke’s lightsaber yet it still has a subtle elegance about it that makes it very special. I’m excited to see if Luke will still have this weapon in his possession in The Last Jedi.

6. Chirrut Imwe’s Staff/Lightbow


First of all Chirrut is already one of the coolest characters created in Star Wars and so the fact that he has such a cool weapon isn’t surprising. The main reason why I love his staff is simply that it is such a versatile weapon. It can be used for close combat and it can be used as a long-range weapon. That makes this, undoubtedly, one of the most fantastic weapons in Star Wars.

5. Death Trooper Blastech E-11D Rifle


The Death Troopers were another one of the genius creations in Rogue One and why these special troopers are so frightening isn’t just because of the entirely black attire. They’re also scary because of these blasters. They’re the same as the regular troopers’ blasters except for the intensity and rate of fire (and the troopers’ aiming) is better. That makes the Death Troopers stay true to their titles. I tell you, if I was in the Star Wars universe I wouldn’t want to come across these deadly agents of the Empire.

4. Emperor Palpatine’s Lightsaber


This is clearly the most beautiful lightsaber I have ever seen. Palpatine may be one of the evilest characters in Star Wars but his style is stunning. The golden bottom, the pink-hued silver hilt, I mean it’s simply gorgeous.

3. Captain Phasma’s Blaster


I love Captain Phasma for so many reasons but the fact that her blaster has a chrome finish just like her outfit is absolutely fascinating and wondrous. Her blaster is so pretty. And now in The Last Jedi, it seems she’s picked up a new deadly toy (which thankfully she is going to use) and that is a chrome spear. I’m just going to say that that spear is already on my top ten list and I haven’t seen it completely in action yet.

2. Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber

kylo-rens-lightsaber_c28b67c6 (1)

I remember when I saw Kylo Ren ignite his lightsaber for the first time in that tiny teaser trailer way back in November of 2014, I was absolutely off my rocker. When I saw the crossguard effect I was fascinated because it made the lightsaber look truly like a sword and secondly Kylo Ren was the first character to have a lightsaber of this design. And it’s simply appealing to look at. The hilt is also just as pretty. It’s simple, it’s black, and its only purpose is to hold the kyber crystal within its confines. This weapon is undoubtedly one of my top three favorite weapons in Star Wars.

1. Darth Maul’s Lightsaber


Darth Maul is, besides Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, clearly, the coolest Sith ever to be made in Star Wars and one of those reasons is because of this incredible lightsaber. There aren’t a lot of martial-art based Jedi or Sith but Darth Maul was one of them and so his choice of a lightsaber isn’t surprising. The two blades provide him an agile fighting style that allows him to be able to face off against two trained Jedi.

Darth-Maul_632eb5af (1).jpeg

It also just looks really cool. If Rey ever made her own lightsaber I think it should be a double-bladed one like Darth Maul’s because her first weapon was a quarterstaff. That means she knows how to use that type of weapon and that would make Rey so amazing!

Well, these are my ten favorite weapons in Star Wars. I’ll definitely be doing an updated version of this list after The Last Jedi because there are clearly going to be some new weapons I’ll just absolutely love, like the Praetorian Guards’ staves and axes and etc. Until then I hope you enjoyed and I thank you for reading. May the Force Be With You, Always.



3 thoughts on “The Ten Coolest Weapons in Star Wars”

  1. Cool weapons! Funny thing, if we go waayyy back to even before the Old Republic, with the Rakata and the before them, the Kwa and the Celestials, it seems to me that there was much more of merging The Force with Advanced technology and that after REVAN, things changed and it became more The Force built-up-by-and”launched”-from-one’s-body…ie…force-lightning, for example. What could a very very old Sith Holocron teach one about super-technology? And–

    so many questions about Star wars 8, The last Jedi:
    1. WHO, is Maz Kanata? Does Snoke know of her?
    2. Is Rey the reincarnation of Shmi Skywalker? Take 25 yrs. of of Shmi and they look very similar.
    3. Is Supreme Leader Snoke really Palpatine? or….Lord Vitiate/Valkorian?
    4. “There has been an Awakening. Have you felt it”? Who, or what, was Awakened? How is he, she, or it, “put to sleep” earlier before the Awakening? By who? How?
    I hope answers are revealed.
    #StarWars8 #TheLastJedi #Rey #LukeSkywalker #Lightsaber

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