Survivor: Season 35 Gets Its First Blindside

Survivor is notorious for its epic blindsides and this season finally has gotten its first major blindside. What I’m loving about this season is the fact that these players have really come to play the game of Survivor. Take Chrissy for example, she looks like a harmless old lady but she’s a lot smarter than people actually perceive her. When she planted the seeds in J.P and Ryan that Roark was trying to create an all-girls alliance it really worked because Chrissy was totally on the chopping block due to her slip up at the immunity challenge. That idea, that suspicion that Roark, a player that J.P and Ryan didn’t really know, would be diabolical enough to come up with an all-girls alliance sprouted in the men’s minds and Roark ended up getting the ultimate blindside.


I was stunned yet excited at the same time. Chrissy is one of the scariest players of the season. She’s quiet and under the radar but if she happens to make it to the merge she’ll be one to watch for. She knows the game of Survivor well and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the final three on the 39th day.

I thank you for reading my overview and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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