The Top Five Scariest Villains

It’s Halloween and that means there was no way I wasn’t going to write a post acknowledging this frightening but fun holiday. And so to celebrate the festivities I am going to write a list of the five scariest movie villains. Enjoy and…BOO! Ha-ha!

5. Alien


I consider myself seriously lucky that I was introduced to Alien for the first time via the game, Mortal Combat because if I had gone into watching this film without knowing anything about this horrifying extraterrestrial I would’ve been messed up for weeks. For this to have come out in 1979 I am absolutely stunned at how scary this movie still is. Alien is definitely one of the most frightening creations in all of film.

4. Jack Nicholson in The Shining


The Shining is a disturbing movie, through and through, and Jack Nicholson’s performance as the crazed father is legendary. He doesn’t have a horrifying mask or a terrifying makeup job to make him scary. He’s just scary by himself with those arched eyebrows and that horrifying face. I watched this movie in complete horror and it wasn’t because of anyone except for Jack Nicholson (and the twins but that’s another story.) He’s definitely one of the scariest villains I have ever seen.

3. Voldemort


Harry Potter is a film adapted from a children’s book yet the villains in the Harry Potter films are never unfrightening. From the Dementors to the professor who turned into a werewolf (that scared me to death when I was a child by the way) there is always something going on in Harry Potter that’s just disturbingly scary. And Voldemort is the ringleader of them all.

Ever since I was a child Voldemort has scared me to death…and he still frightens me in fact. If I had a choice to go into any movie world I would never want to go into the land of Harry Potter because there are just too many terrifying things there. And if I ever saw Voldemort face to face I would probably pass out from fright. Voldemort is terrifying.

2. The Joker

MV5BMTgzMzkyNjAwOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzgzMTk2Mw@@._V1_SX1777_CR0,0,1777,747_AL_ (1)

The Dark Knight is an absolutely fantastic movie and one of the reasons why is because Batman’s adversary is so frightening. The Joker in The Dark Knight was cunning, ruthless, and very, very smart. He outfoxed Batman left and right, he killed the woman Bruce Wayne loved the most, and he still never died in the film. That’s a villain for you.

He’s also simply horrifying to look at. I mean look at this picture. *shiver* The Joker is just scary…simple as that. He’s undoubtedly the second scariest villain I’ve ever seen in a film.

1. Michael Meyers


I’ve only seen, I’d say, the first thirty minutes or so of Halloween and Michael Meyers has already placed a spot as the scariest villain that I have ever seen. And the stuff I saw, he hadn’t even killed anybody yet…that’s how terrifying Michael Meyers is. And that mask is simply chilling to look at. I mean it’s just a mask but gosh he’s horrifying.

He’s also very frightening because things like this can really happen in terms of an insane person escaping from a mental facility and murderizing nearly everyone he comes into contact with. When I finally do watch this movie all the way through I’m pretty sure I am going to be very shaken.

Michael Meyers is very, very, scary.

Well, those are my top five scariest villains. I hope you enjoyed reading this list and I thank you for reading. Have a spooktacular Halloween!


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