Destiny 2: The New Best Game To Play

It’s been a couple of months or so since Destiny 2 came out and I’m still losing my mind over how fun this game is. Destiny came out back in 2014 and at the time it was a pretty fun game but it still hadn’t topped the likes of Halo or Call of Duty yet. That didn’t stop the creative minds behind Bungie however. They kept bringing out expansions and expanding the world of Destiny. Now after three years Destiny 2 has become the game to play. Oh my goodness, it’s so much fun.

The gameplay has become smoother, the crucible has become more challenging, the classes new abilities are amazing, and the overall game is just prettier.d2_pc_crucible_emperor's_respite_action_01.jpg

I have never played a game, besides Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, that has felt so interactive and so addictive. The companionship among the players is also remarkable. When you join a team in Destiny 2 there’s a real sense of comradery that I don’t really get from most games.

Destiny 2 is also a very large, absolutely gorgeous game. d2_pc_ultra_wide_env_07.jpg

The worlds are massive and full of secrets ready to be explored. There are also dozens of quests that are not only fun to play but rather challenging at the same time.

I have to say, if you haven’t jumped on the Destiny bandwagon yet I highly recommend that you do. This game is so ridiculously enjoyable that you won’t regret playing this game, not in the slightest. And it’s just been announced in the past week that Destiny is now available to play on the PC and so for all of you with an awesome gaming computer I advise you to take a crack at this mesmerizing game. You’ll have such a great time.


I wasn’t a big fan of first-person shooting games until I played Destiny. This game will dazzle you with its visuals, it’ll make you jump and down with joy from your triumphs, and it’s definitely one of the best, if not the best, game of the year so far.

I hoped you enjoyed my review on Destiny 2 and I thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day.


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