Dress Like A Fashionista With These New Star Wars Inspired Clothes

I love clothes and one of my favorite things are clothes that have anything to do with Star Wars. From sweatshirts with Kylo Ren on the front to a simple pair of shoes that are designed after Rey’s boots from The Force Awakens, if it has anything to do with Star Wars I love it. Now some great designers have come together and made a Star Wars fashion line that’s chic, sophisticated, and looks so sci-fi inspired it could actually fit into the world of Star Wars and I am here to talk about it. Enjoy!

Kaia Gerber


This dress was made by the fantastic designer, Vera Wang and I have to say, it’s quite marvelous. Of course, the only way you could ever wear this is if you’re going to a very, very special event but it’s still an absolutely gorgeous dress. Now what do I think the inspiration was behind this dress, I’m guessing because of the intense gold color it’s got to be inspired C-3PO. I mean he’s the only character that has anything golden about him so I’m pretty sure this is a C-3PO-inspired gown.

Taylor Hill


I love, love, love this dress. This is a Carolina Herrera dress as well as the shoes and I am just stunned. It’s clear that the inspiration behind this dress are stormtroopers and I just love that they took that classic black and white design and elevated it into this classy, impeccable look. And those shoes are a very nice compliment to this dress.

Kendall Jenner


Now this a dress and sandals from Missoni and I have to admit I can’t figure out the exact inspiration behind this outfit but it is rather pretty. Now they have Kendall Jenner holding a lightsaber in this picture, which is rather cool by the way, but off of that judging from her wielding a lightsaber, I’m guessing this dress is inspired by the Jedi. And it does look like the garb a Jedi could possibly wear. Is it the most obviously inspired design by Star Wars, no, but it is a fantastically gorgeous dress?

Bella and Gigi Hadid


These are my favorite designs hands down. You have a Rag & Bone jacket and pants on the left while on the right it is a Burberry jacket with Rag & Bone boots. I think I like this design the most because it is so easy to recognize that it is inspired by Leia’s white outfit in The Empire Strikes Back. I mean that Burberry jacket is so chic and magnificent and just perfect. And the outfit on the left, it’s basically the modern version of Leia’s Hoth outfit in the movie. Awesome!

When I saw these dresses and jackets and so forth I just had to write about it because when it comes to Star Wars clothes there isn’t ever a lot of fashionable choices most of the time. It’s usually just a t-shirt you can get from Target with Rey on the front or something like that. That’s why I loved seeing these clothes so much. And they’re just gorgeous, how was I not going to write about them?

Well, I hope you enjoyed and I thank you for reading. May the Force Be With You.


3 thoughts on “Dress Like A Fashionista With These New Star Wars Inspired Clothes”

  1. These are some fine pieces of clothing. I really like the Kaia Gerber gown, and if you look closely at the bodice section you can almost make out the outline of what appears to be the silhouette of Threepio’s head (the waistline is the bottom of the jawline, the cheek and nose are next to the sleeve and the drape on the left side of the picture forms the back of the head). If you are interested there are many bits of Star Wars fashion (including some unbelievable shoes) on the Etsy shopping site. And no, I’m not sure of the inspiration for the Kendall Jenner dress either!

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