The Force Is Strong With The Future of Star Wars

Last Thursday it was announced during an event with Disney CEO Bob Iger that there were some big projects ahead for LucasFilm and I am so excited to share them with you.

First of all, you might have heard that Disney is making their own streaming service. Well, in 2019 Disney’s streaming service will be getting their own live-action Star Wars show. Yes, I said it, we’re finally getting the equivalent of Marvel’s Agents of Shield or even Luke Cage on Netflix in a form of Star Wars on a streaming service in only a couple of years. This is beyond exciting news.

I loved watching The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network and even though I haven’t watched a single episode of Star Wars: Rebels I’m sure that’s doing just as well. To think that Disney is going to make a live-action show makes me want to jump and down with joy. Now here are the show concepts that I would love to see.

1. A Bounty Hunter-centric Show


If this live-action show is going to be of a more mature quality then I would love to see a show centered on the rugged, gritty lives of bounty hunters. Rogue One gave us kind of a first glimpse at the darker, grittier side of Star Wars. A live-action show on a streaming service would allow LucasFilm to not put any boundaries on the storytelling for this show and I would love that.

2. A Dark-Side-centric Show


Up to this point the dark side, while it has been shown in its brutality and its extreme evilness, there’s always been a limit to how evil they can make the Sith in the movies because the rating has always been between PG and PG-13. The worst act that has been shown by an evil-force wielder is when Anakin Skywalker entered the Jedi council room during the invasion of the Jedi temple on Coruscant and it showed him just about to slaughter all of those unfortunate Jedi younglings. That was a pretty terrible act but besides that while the Sith are evil in the movies there aren’t ever any raw moments that are just frightening to behold.

If the show on this new streaming service will be mature I would love to see a show centered around the dark, spooky lives of some Sith lords back in the days before The Old Republic when they were in their prime.

3. Rogue Two


Another great live-action show that I would love to see would be a war-centric show. While Rogue One was one of the best Star Wars films I have ever seen it could’ve been so much better if it had been in the format of a television show so that the story’s details would be explored further. I would love to see a Rogue One style television show, of course set in a different time, because then we’d get an even more raw version of Rogue One. That would be so very awesome.

Star Wars Is Getting A New Trilogy!


The next big news that was announced on Thursday was that Rian Johnson had made a deal with LucasFilm to helm the next new trilogy in the probably near future. I am jumping up and down with joy because of this announcement.

The Last Jedi is coming out in nearly a month and obviously LucasFilm was so happy with the job Rian Johnson did with the highly anticipated sequel that they have already gotten him to start creating a whole other universe for us to explore within, I’m guessing, the next five years.

The new trilogy will be based off of brand new characters and will be in a whole other portion of the galaxy that has never been explored before. That sounds exciting because how long can you keep expanding the story of the Skywalkers? The only way LucasFilm is going to be able to bring out fresh, new content for everyone to enjoy is to eventually shy away from the realm of the Skywalkers. And Rogue One showed that it can be done. The only Skywalker in that film was Darth Vader who was used barely in the movie and a single cameo appearance of Princess Leia. Rogue One was dominated by new characters with stories that weren’t at all connected with the Skywalkers in the slightest and that was refreshing.

Judging from what has been shown of The Last Jedi so far this might end up becoming one of the best, if not the best, Star Wars films so far and that means that I am excited to see what Rian Johnson will do with a trilogy of his own.

I thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a fabulous day. May the Force Be With You.

2 thoughts on “The Force Is Strong With The Future of Star Wars”

  1. I’m expecting Awesomeness from the next Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi!
    So many questions need to be answered:
    WHO–is Maz Kaanata? How old is she? Does Supreme Leader Snoke know of her? Did she ever know Yoda?

    Who is Snoke? If he is Emporer Palpatine it could explain his fear of Luke. If he is really Lord Vitiate/Valkorian it would explain his age and knowledge.

    Who are Rey’s parents? What if they were powerful Siths and Luke killed them? Might that explain the look on Luke’s face when he turns to see Rey?

    Who created the First Order, and why? What if it was *not* Kylo Ren who killed Luke’s young Jedi students?

    And what if The Force has been over-rated? How? Because no one stops to think that back when there was The Rakatan and the Star Forge, and before that, The Celestials, that it was Fantastic Technology that was emphasized, possibly more than The Force. Technology that could even repair itself! And what Amazing information might be in the oldest Sith Holocron (Telos Holocron?)
    There is alot to work with here.
    #StarWars #Sith #Jedi #Holocrons #TheCelestials #Scifi #Teens #Movies #TheLastJedi #LukeSkywalker

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  2. I like your number 2, though I doubt it would survive on TV. For a show on the dark side, I would love to see more of the moral ambiguity that comes up on some of the other media, such as video games. The movies usually portray the light and dark conflict as pure good versus evil (though Last Jedi looks like it might shake that up a bit). The Knights of the Old Republic video games, on the other hand, portrayed the light and dark sides as having different philosophies in relation to power and the position of one’s self in society. These deeper moral contexts tend to make deeper and more interesting stories.

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