My Favorite New Black Panther Posters

Now that Thor: Ragnarok has come out the Marvel Cinematic Universe can now turn their full attention to their next installment, Black Panther, which I am so glad is coming out in February. This past weekend a whole bunch of awesome Black Panther posters surfaced online and I am here to talk about my favorite ones. Enjoy!


The first one I found was really great is this poster featuring Killmonger and I have to say, it’s pretty marvelous. The two weapons, the downcast head, I mean it’s a perfect poster and it really showcases Killmonger not so much as the movie’s villain but as a man who didn’t get the opportunities that others might have obtained. He’s broken and he wants revenge, that’s what this poster speaks to me.


This is a great poster simply because it’s cool looking. This character, M’Baku, is another one of the antagonists in the film and I’m just loving the tribal vibe I’m getting from this beautiful furry coat he’s wearing. I can’t wait to see what his role will be in the movie.


This is a marvelous poster because I just love the green jewelry and golden armor Lupita Nyongo’s character is wearing. There’s also a beauty and strength to this picture that defines just exactly who her character is. She will basically do anything to protect her king and I am ecstatic to see her use those incredible looking weapons of hers.


I love this poster because of Klaw’s prosthetic hand. It’s so strikingly apparent that, coupled with Klaw’s angry grin, I can already tell that he’s ready to do a lot of damage in this film. The question is…just how far will he take his revenge?


Angela Basset on this poster is simply beautiful with the gold and the gorgeous earring and the precious stone on the front of her dress. This is a fantastic poster, plain and simple.


When I found out that King T’Challa’s personal bodyguards were all women I practically jumped up and down with unshakable joy. For a while there haven’t been a lot of strong women to really get behind in the MCU, at least compared to the countless male superheroes, but Black Panther is going to change that with the debut of all of these strong female characters that I can’t wait to see on the big screen. And not only will there be plenty of female heroines but they’re very cool too and this poster accentuates that. I mean look at the armor, the detail is impeccable. If this film doesn’t get nominated for Makeup and Costume in the Oscars it would be complete blasphemy.


Because this is a movie about mainly Black Panther there was no way I wasn’t going to talk about his poster. I love the claws of his suit, I love the words, His Father’s Legacy. It really shows that his story line in this film is to live up to, literally, his father’s legacy. He became King of Wakanda unexpectedly and even though I’m sure he’s been trained for this moment his entire life it’s still difficult to run an entire country, especially when you’ve got outside forces wanting to destroy everything your father tried to build. His sorrowful expression on this poster tells of that struggle and I’m just counting down the days until February 16 so I can watch this movie.


And last but not least this is my favorite poster. When I found out T’Challa had a sister who was a scientist and was just as innovative as Tony Stark I was beyond excited to see her in the movie and this poster is so awesome! I love the Black Panther gauntlet that she’s wearing, I love the face paint, I love her serious expression. I have no doubt that she is going to kick some serious butt in this movie.

Well these are the posters that I found the most exciting. There are a few others that you can look at  but these were the ones I found most enjoyable.

I thank you for reading my post and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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