Where Does Hela Rank Among The Marvel Villains?

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has spewed entertaining movies for the past nine years most of the films have shared one nagging problem; the villains have been very lackluster. So much work has gone into the development of the heroes that the villains are just annoying baddies. They’re not complex, they’re not scary, they’re just…the bad guys. And that does make sense because most of the villains didn’t make it through more than one film but after nine years you begin to get tired of the constant trend of boring antagonists. Well, lately the villains have been a little better and after Hela debuted in Thor: Ragnarok there was no way I wasn’t going to write a post determining where she stands amidst the other villains throughout all seventeen films. Enjoy!

1. The Vulture


I didn’t really know anything about Michael Keaton except that he was the first epic Batman but after Spider-Man: Homecoming I am an even bigger fan of the fantastic actor. Part of the reason why Spider-Man: Homecoming was such a marvelous movie is that the villain was just as complex as the hero. Mr. Toomes was a simple blue collar man who provided for his family with his wreckage cleanup business but Tony Stark ripped the floor out from underneath him by taking over the duty of cleaning up after the Avengers. It was this heartless move that turned Toomes into a weapon dealer for the black market and can you blame him? I mean if you look at it from a different point of view you can say that Iron Man and Spider-Man were the villains and that Mr. Toomes was the real hero of the film. We of course root for Spider-Man though because how can you not but it’s still an interesting observation.

And not only did he have a complex and believable story in the movie but his Vulture suit was also rather cool. And the best thing about it, he didn’t die, and a post-credits scene has already hinted at him returning to the MCU…with the help of a mysterious friend. That’s even more exciting and I can’t wait to see him again.

2. Secretary Pierce


Secretary Pierce was a great villain because throughout the first half of the film I thought he was just the old guy over S.H.I.E.L.D. I remember when I watched The Winter Soldier for the first time and it showed Secretary Pierce in his home going to get some milk. When it showed him going into his refrigerator and The Winter Soldier was in the background I thought he was so dead. I remember chuckling when he offered evil Bucky some milk. And then he began giving Bucky his next mission! My jaw dropped.

He looked like this harmless old guy and come to find out he was the real villain of the film. It was a shocking reveal and I loved it. He was also a smart villain because he was hiding in the shadows, picking apart the world bit by bit with the help of his metal armed assassin, and no one was the wiser…until Captain America and Black Widow started investigating. While he did come to a rather bad end he was one of the few villains in the Marvel films that actually was thought out and was pretty menacing.

3. Zemo


Zemo is a forgettable villain because he’s so bland looking but that’s exactly why he’s so brilliant. It’s his blandness that allowed him to infiltrate homes and security agencies, it’s his blandness that made people overlook him while he concocted an impeccable plan to destroy The Avengers. He wasn’t flashy, not in the slightest, he was just a broken man wanting revenge against the people who destroyed everything that he cared about. And his plan worked! He did end up tearing The Avengers apart to a point where they’ll never be the same team that they were before he came along and that means that he is, undoubtedly, one of the best villains in the Marvel movies so far.

4. Loki


I feel conflicted about Loki. While he has been a bad guy throughout the vast majority of the films he has been in it seems like he’s now turned somewhat good and so do I call him a true villain? But that’s why he’s one of the best villains so far. First off, he’s lasted more than one movie and secondly he was a great villain. He was a threatening antagonist in The Avengers and he has been a nuisance throughout the other films. Now I’m glad that he’s kind of become the good guy after Thor: Ragnarok but I believe he’s still a villain at heart and I think we’ll see that exploited again in the future.

5. Hela


Hela was a great debut as the first female villain in Marvel so far. She was the most powerful villain we’ve seen so far out of the seventeen films, she was somewhat frightening, and Cate Blanchett is just a powerhouse when it comes to bringing characters to life. That’s pretty much the only reason why she’s here at fifth place though. Her story was very, very flat. I mean she might as well have been Yellow Jacket in Ant-Man, except like I said before, she was super powerful. And I get it, Thor: Ragnarok wasn’t the type of movie to have a complex villain because the movie didn’t take itself very seriously as a whole but I do wish she could’ve had a better story line in the film.

Well that’s where I think Hela ranks among the Marvel villains. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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