Is Justice League Yet Another DC Flop?

Thor: Ragnarok has already come out and taken the superhero world by storm and tomorrow DC will be debuting its second movie of the year, Justice League, but critics have already started telling their opinions of the next Avengers-style flick and the feedback is simply brutal.

Entertainment Weekly gave Justice League a C+,  uh-oh! Vanity Fair basically said the movie was pretty awful and a waste of time, and another magazine out of the UK gave the movie 1 out of 5 stars! Ouch. So why is DC still not getting the formula right? I can tell you why: It’s because they’re trying to make their movies based off of the Marvel’s formula.

DC and Marvel are two completely different beasts. Marvel’s heroes are way more down to Earth and relatable while DC’s heroes are literally SUPER heroes. You’ve got a goddess, that’s Wonder Woman, a nearly invincible Kryptonian, Superman, an underwater breathing lord of the sea, Aquaman, and I could go on and on and on but the point I’m trying to make is this: DC heroes are epic which means their movies SHOULD be epic, like The Dark Knight trilogy. You can’t make a DC movie like Marvel because the superheroes are just totally different. If you try to fashion DC’s incredible goliaths after characters that aren’t nearly as powerful then you end up with countless flops?


Wonder Woman was the first DC film to treat its superhero as what she was, a goddess trying to help the world of man. At the end of the day, she realized she would never be able to truly save the world from evil but she could help protect it and that’s why the movie was so enjoyable and got so much praise. The story was pretty simple and that’s why it was executed so well. And who doesn’t love Wonder Woman?


Man of Steel is the second best DC film so far because while it wasn’t perfect it stuck to the story. The villains were great, and there wasn’t a whole bunch of hodgepodge distracting from the primary purpose of the film.

And guess what those two films have in common? They’re both epic. They aren’t trying to be in the mold of a likable Marvel film. They are truly DC Comics worthy films with serious stories, intriguing villains, and while Wonder Woman was able to incorporate humor flawlessly they’re not relying on that aspect to make people want to like the movie.

It also seems whenever there’s more than one superhero in a DC movie the film always ends up being a flop.


Now, I’m still going to go see Justice League because I want to create my own opinion about the movie but the reviews are in and they are not pleasant. I’m just hoping that it won’t be as bad as people say it is.

If you were kind of on the fence about whether you want to go see it or not I hope I helped you ultimately decide. I thank you for reading and have a beautiful day.


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