My Review of Baby Driver

Baby Driver was one of the best critiqued films this past summer and so that intrigued me highly on whether I wanted to see this movie or not. Well, I literally just finished watching the movie and I have to say, it was an impressive film that I had wished I had seen in the movies. The music was impeccable and had me bumping my foot, the action was engaging and intense, but what really shined about this movie was the overall story.


Baby, for that is the main character’s name, is a man who’s burdened with this constant ring in his ear after he experienced a traumatic car crash that happened to kill both of his parents when he was a child. To deal with the constant ring he listens to music all day, every day. When he was probably no more than eleven years old he stole the car of this rich guy, (Kevin Spacey’s character, Doc) and to pay him back he had to be the driver for all of the robberies Doc planned.

So this is the main gist of the film towards the beginning of the movie but it eventually turns out to be an action/love story after he happens to meet this nice girl at a diner called Debora. It’s your typical heist film. There’s the one guy who wants to get out of the so-called gang of sorts and live his life with the girl of his dreams but he can’t because he’s being held under psychological bond by the gang leader. That’s what this entire movie is about.

To tell you the truth this movie probably wouldn’t have worked if it didn’t have such fantastic actors in the cast or such incredible music.


Ansel Elgort is an instant star after his breakout role in the high-octane, music-packed, emotional rollercoaster that is this film, Baby Driver. He never got annoying, he was believable, and his performance was so stellar I couldn’t help but root for him throughout the film. Keep an eye on this new actor. He’s good.

You also have the likes of Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm and they, of course, are already established actors and boy do they do a marvelous job in this film.


I’m the most familiar with Jamie Foxx out of all of the actors in this movie but he did such a good job embodying the thuggish, violent, heartless character that throughout the scenes he was in I did not think of him as Jamie Foxx but as his character, Bats. I love when an actor can mold to his or her role so effortlessly that you don’t see them as who they really are that is amazing.


And Jon Hamm is a wonderful actor too. I don’t know him very much for his role on the show, Breaking Bad, but I do know he’s got some serious accolades for his job on that series and I think I understand why now. He can act!

The rest of the actors were great too. Now I know there’s some huge controversy over Kevin Spacey right now so to see him in the movie was a little ickish but I have to admit…he was good in the movie too. That was difficult to write. *shudder*

My Conclusion of the Film


While the movie was nearly perfect the end kind of came to a rather crazy climax that was just a little hard to take in after the flawless writing and pacing of the previous 1 and 25 minutes or so. Still, with that being said, I would definitely give this movie a 92 out of a 100 and 4 out 5 stars. It was a very, very good film and I highly advise you to watch it if you get the chance. It’s also rather tame for a rated R movie.

If your children are teenagers you can totally watch this movie because there’s absolutely no sex or even sexual themes in the film. There’s only violence, language, and some drug usage but that’s it.

I was hoping this movie would be as good as people said it was and I’m glad to say…it was.

I thank you for reading this movie review and I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful day.

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