Which Is The Best Poster for The Last Jedi?

It’s a beautiful Thanksgiving Eve and what better to talk about and celebrate on this wonderful day than Star Wars. There have been several posters that have debuted for The Last Jedi throughout the year and I’m here to talk about them all. Enjoy!


This, of course, is the teaser poster and even now just nearly three weeks away from the film finally hitting theaters this poster still resonates strongly with me, maybe even more so now that I understand the plot for this film a little bit better. It’s also a very powerful poster. It harks back to the original poster back in 1977 depicting Luke in the same fashion that Rey is standing now. That shows how she’s really become the modern age Luke but she has an impactful choice. Whose side will she choose? Will she stay with the light or drift into darkness?


The theatrical poster is very nice as well. The red and white is beautiful, the way everyone is placed doesn’t make the poster feel crowded, but what the most amazing thing is, thanks to some very observant Star Wars fans, if you look at this poster very closely they placed everybody in the shape of Darth Vader’s face. It’s kind of creepy and magnificent all at once. This is definitely one of my favorite Star Wars posters.


I can’t tell if I like this poster more than the theatrical poster or not. I mean, it’s pretty perfect. And it’s much simpler than the previous poster and yet it’s somehow kind of better. I think the reason why I like this poster so much is because of Rey. She looks so cool with her cloak bathed in red and her downcast expression. I really like this one.


This is a poster for Dolby Cinema and I only have one word to describe this poster…epic. They took the red coloring of the previous posters to the next level and made this poster with more of a fiery look. It’s rather cool and appealing to the eyes. There’s also something very ancient feeling about this poster. I guess it reminds me of the old, drawn posters for the original trilogy. Whoever the artist was who did this poster did a remarkable job.


This is another amazing poster that just looks very awesome. Luke is standing creepily up top, Rey’s got her new outfit and her pretty fantastic boots, Captain Phasma looks awesome and shiny, and I love Finn’s action pose. It’s all in all an impeccable poster.


This might be a foreign poster but’s it’s just too pretty to ignore. This poster is focusing solely on the protagonists of the film and it’s simply beautiful.


This is the dark side version of the previous poster and it’s just as marvelous. Kylo Ren’s cape is so magnificent and it hangs on him like a drape. Captain Phasma is larger on this poster and that’s only a benefit. And if you look closely in the lower right corner you can see a strange looking building right behind the Praetorian Guards. I’m thinking this might be Snoke’s lair. Exciting.

So that was all of the posters and they are all absolutely incredible in their own way. The question is…which one do I think is the best? This is hard but I’d have to say my favorite poster is…the Dolby Cinema one.


I just can’t stop looking at this poster. It’s so vibrant and harsh and artistic. And you’ve got the tie fighters and X-Wings and the At-M6 Walkers. I mean it’s pretty impeccable. I think the main reason why I like this poster so much is the coloring. It’s beautiful and it makes me just that much more excited for The Last Jedi.

Well, this is my post. I thank you for reading and I hope you had as much fun as me looking at all of these marvelous posters. May the Force Be With You.


One thought on “Which Is The Best Poster for The Last Jedi?”

  1. Hi Annlyel, I agree with you the theatrical poster with the implied outline of Vader’s face is fabulous. With the other posters, there are so many combinations of character’s positions I think Disney wanted to keep us guessing who does what and who turns!
    However I just love all the posters and would have them hanging in my cave any day! Thanks again.


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