The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Teaser Has Been Released!

So I was watching Good Morning America this wonderful Wednesday morning and out of nowhere it was announced that the Avengers: Infinity War trailer would debut and when it did I went a little bonkers. I’m still losing it in fact as I write this now but no more chitchat, we’ve all been waiting for this moment and so here it is. Enjoy!!!!!!

Okay, first of all, this trailer is beyond amazing. The music is simply incredible and gives me chills every time I watch it. (I’ve watched this trailer six times already.) The situations look downright epic. And there are so many superheroes in this teaser!!! Iron Man with Doctor Strange! Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy! Spider-Man with his Iron-Spidey Suit. It’s just too much awesomeness in one trailer. I’m going to try to calmly talk about everything that I noticed in this teaser but that’s going to be hard considering how amazing this trailer was. Okay, here goes.

1. Thanos


Up to this point the Marvel villains have been somewhat sub par. Even Hela in Thor: Ragnarok wasn’t as intimidating as she could have been. Thanos, however, is very scary at the moment. Nothing about him says weak villain. He’s gathering the infinity stones with what looks like somewhat ease and the way he walloped Iron Man in this teaser, that’s frightening. Thanos has finally come to the forefront and he isn’t playing.

2. Captain America!


I haven’t seen Captain America since Captain America: Civil War and so to see him again is very exciting. He looks so great with that beard! I have been hoping that Steve Rogers would eventually lose the clean-shaven look and take on a scruffier look and yes, he finally has. He also just looks really awesome in this film too. And if you notice at the end of the trailer when he’s charging alongside his fellow superheroes he’s got these black gauntlets on. I really think he’s left his shield behind and he’s become the rumored Nomad. That’s so excited.

3. Poor, poor Vision


I don’t know what’s going to happen to our red robot friend but I really believe he’s going to be the Avengers’ first fatality. I mean, he’s got the Mind Stone stuck in his forehead. When it gets taken out he’s probably going to be dead. Sorry Scarlet Witch, you’re boyfriend’s most likely not going to make it.

4. Spider-Man


Spider-Man was already awesome in Spider-Man: Homecoming but now, with his new suit, he’s already reached a whole other level. Peter Parker is going to face, for the first time, a very formidable foe and I can’t wait to see him utilize his awesome new suit. It’s going to be amazing!!!!!

5. The Overall Trailer


After seeing this teaser now two more times since I started this post I have only one thing to say. IT’S. GOING. TO. BE. EPIC!!!!!! Like I said earlier the music for this trailer is ridiculously incredible. I think half the reason this teaser is so amazing is because of the music because that music is very, very epic. It’s also kind of scary too because the longer the trailer goes the more dire the music becomes. I’m so afraid for everybody really. There is no doubt that some Avengers are finally going to meet their demise in this film.

It was also really nice seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of the teaser. The trailer is so intense up to that point that to see them brings a slight levity to the teaser that the trailer kind of needs.

Black Panther also shines in this trailer. I love it when he says, “Evacuate the city. Engage your defenses. And get this man a shield.” That is so cool!!! The question is, which man is he talking about? Is he talking about Captain America or Bucky? *rubbing my hands diabolically* I can’t wait to see. His army at the end of the trailer is so massive too. I hope they kick some serious alien butt.

I also just watched the trailer yet again and there’s just so much happening in this teaser. You’ve got Doctor Strange and that’s exciting in itself. He’s so awesome! Then you have Black Widow who’s back with her new blond hairdo. And Thor, Thor looks like he’s in some serious trouble and I’m just nervous to see what’s going to happen to him.

I guess my overall feeling about this teaser is that it was clearly the best Marvel movie trailer so far and I’m just scared to see what’s going to happen to all of these heroes.

I hope you enjoyed this teaser trailer as much as I did and I thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day!

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