It’s Only Two Weeks Until ‘The Last Jedi’!

Before 2015, the year The Force Awakens came out, December 1 wasn’t that special of a day. Yes, it marked the beginning of the last month of the year but, besides that, December 1 has usually been a regular day. This year December 1 has a much larger meaning because it marks the two-week countdown until The Last Jedi. This is a huge moment for Star Wars fans and I’m utterly ecstatic. It feels like it was yesterday when I wrote a post celebrating the one month mark. Now it’s literally only a couple of weeks until the movie comes out! Wow. So, I’m going to write about all of the things I’m excited to see in this highly anticipated film. Enjoy!

Rey’s Story


Rey’s incredible journey in The Force Awakens was an absolute blast to observe. At the beginning of Episode VII she was just a simple scavenger and now she is the galaxy’s next hope. Her path in this movie will undoubtedly get much tougher and I’m excited to see which direction of the Force she chooses. Thanks to interviews and magazines it’s kind of destined for her to join Kylo Ren at some point in the film but what does that exactly mean? Will she turn to the dark side or will she truly embrace the concept of a grey Jedi? And will we finally find out her who her parents are? Thankfully I have only two weeks to find out.

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